Mirror Reflex (elder)
This power taps into the physical reflexes of an opponent, allowing the vampire to anticipate an enemy's action in personal combat. At the beginning of any turn of combat, you may spend a blood trait and engage in a mental vs. physical challenge with a specific character (Retest Investigation for you, Brawl for them). Success means that the character targeted may not use any physical based retests (i.e. Brawl, Survival, Dodge, Might) for the rest of the turn. Additionally, the opponent must declare his victory conditions for the challenge before you.

The Oracle's Sight (asc.)
This functions as per Prediction, except it allows the user to clearly read the thoughts of those around the user. The user need only focus on one individuals for a moment to clearly understand the surface thoughts. As well the range is increased to 50 ft. surrounding the user.