Vampire Disciplines

Mirror Reflex (elder)
This power taps into the physical reflexes of an opponent, allowing the vampire to anticipate an enemy's action in personal combat. At the beginning of any turn of combat, you may spend a blood trait and engage in a mental vs. physical challenge with a specific character (Retest Investigation for you, Brawl for them). Success means that the character targeted may not use any physical based retests (i.e. Brawl, Survival, Dodge, Might) for the rest of the turn. Additionally, the opponent must declare his victory conditions for the challenge before you.

The Oracle's Sight (asc.)
This functions as per Prediction, except it allows the user to clearly read the thoughts of those around the user. The user need only focus on one individuals for a moment to clearly understand the surface thoughts. As well the range is increased to 50 ft. surrounding the user.

Counterstrike (elder)
After attacked in Melee Range, spend 1 blood trait to gain a free attack back against attacker.

Flawless Parry (elder)
Upon activation, the user may only take defensive (dodge) actions for the remainder of the round, and the amount of actions must be specified at the moment of activation. The first dodge is considered to be automatically won, and each additional dodge costs a blood point per action being parried. This total may exceed the users Celerity rating by one. Use of a parry must be called for before the challenge.

The Unseen Storm (asc.)
The player spends one blood point to activate the Unseen Storm and must continue to spend one blood each turn she wants the power to continue. This expenditure does count against the maximum number of blood that can be spent in a turn. The character may not use any other Celerity powers (other than taking extra actions) while maintaining the Unseen Storm. A person fighting a character using this power counts as blind, while the user automatically blindsides her opponent. The user cannot be seen by anyone who does not possess more Auspex than her Celerity, and she can attack and otherwise interact without becoming visible.

Permanence is intended to function ONLY for Ignis Fatuus and Fata Morgana, not for higher levels of Chimerstry. This is the case for the tabletop books (Vampire the Masquerade (Revised), p. 154; V20, p. 145), but was omitted from the LARP books. We are treating this as an oversight and Permanence will function only for illusions created with the first two Basic levels of Chimerstry.

Cursed Mind
Auspex 4 / Ogham 3
MET Cost: 10xp
You are able to force the image of the rune into their mind triggering the curse. You must spend the 3 blood to Inscribe the Curse (victim's name and effect on the appropriate location). When in the presence of your target, you may spend 1 Willpower and engage the target in a mental challenge. If successful, the image of the rune is pushed into their mind and they are affected as if seeing the rune itself.

Hive Mind
Auspex 6 / Dominate 6
MET Cost: 18xp
You are able to possess another body telepathically without relinquishing control or awareness of your own body. All expenditures for possession remain unchanged. However, Hive Mind has the additional benefit of being able to possess additional bodies, provided you are willing to pay the costs of each. Even then, you may not possess more bodies than your total permanent Willpower.

Illustrious Infinity
Temporis Level 5 / Presence Level 5
MET cost: 11 XP
Utilizing the ability to exude your will on people in the surrounding area, an acolyte of Temporis can turn Clotho’s Gift outward into the immediate area to foes and allies alike. However as with all Temporis the cost is far more taxing than using such a gift on yourself. This power was discovered by an individual during great times of duress and danger. Often needing to save others as much as himself, or give his enemies momentary pause.
System: Spend a willpower trait and engage in a mass social challenge against those within your Majesty’s radius you wish to affect. All within your radius must participate in this challenge relenting is not an option. (Or Stand Against the World, Faith and Fire). If successful they may then cause each individual target to become suspended in time for one action. Each action you suspend in this fashion causes one level of unsoakable lethal damage to you. Thus if you attempt to suspend 3 targets for 1 action that round, it will cause 3 levels of lethal damage to you. Attempting to slow down or suspend time for use of this power is an action.
While suspended the target can not be harmed or affected in any way. Fire ceases to burn them, physical objects do not interact with them, they are temporarily removed from the time stream. This can be useful in saving a burning ally or pausing an enemy to set up a better ambush. Powers such as Celerity, Rage, Time Magic may make controlling an individual and shutting them down for a turn difficult, but you may take additional lethal on a one for one basis per action against those targets. All follow up actions will still happen as they all move at the same “time”.
Illustrious Infinity has one very unique effect with powers such as Clotho’s Gift or Time Magic that removes one from the stream of time. Should you attempt to use this power on someone else, or yourself while under such influence of one such effect you will find both of you shunted from the time stream and able to affect each other normally while everyone else in the area is unable to affect either of you.

Plausible Deniability
Obfuscate 6 / Dominate 3; prerequisite: Mind Blank
MET Cost: 15xp
By staring into your own reflection, you are capable of altering your own memories, allowing you to conceal your mind even from yourself. You may rewrite your own memories in 15 minute increments with a static mental challenge (win or tie). Anyone attempting to read your mind to get at the truth (in addition to the usual hurdles of Mind Blank) must beat you in two additional Mental Challenges to determine that your memories have been fabricated. Failure at either test convinces them that the memories have not been tampered with. Additionally, you may set a trigger (per Mesmerism) to restore the memories to their original, unaltered form.

Master of All Forms
Protean 4, Vicissitude 4, Serpentis 4
MET Cost: 13xp
System: This Combination Discipline allows you to use any and all form powers at the same time as another, even those that do not stack. You have become a complete master of your shape and no longer suffer the restrictions of one form type and you gain all of the benefits and drawbacks of each you use at the same time. 12 weeks to Research

Warlocks Possession (elder)
Spend a Willpower trait & make a mental challenge after establishing Physical contact with a suitable subject to take control of the body (as defined per Possession). No additional expenditures are required to access all non-physical based Disciplines

Ironhide Resilience (elder)
Permanently gain +1 Healthy health level and ignore Bruised wound penalties.

Undead Resilience (elder)
You win all ties on stamina related challenges to absorb damage.

Ironbark Resilience (master)
Gain +2 Additional Health Levels

Veil The Legions (master)
The vampire may conceal one dot of Domain Security for each point of Stealth they possess, plus each level of Obfuscate. No test is necessary to create the veil, but anyone may attempt to break the veil with a Mental challenge (their Investigation + Auspex vs. your Stealth + Obfuscate). Sounds of movement and speaking do not break the veil, but combat will break it as usual.

Chimerical Form (asc.)
Prerequisites: Gemini’s Mirror, Visit Faerieland
Growing from the power to create illusory doubles and travel to the dreaming, the vampire has learned to blur the lines between the physical and the dream. By spending a Willpower and winning a static mental challenge against the local Banality, the user is able to actually transform themselves into a Chimera. He may revert to his physical form at will. The true benefit of the power, however, comes when combined with Gemini’s Mirror. By spending an additional Blood trait, in addition to the usual activation, the Gemini Mirror is created as a self-aware Chimerical duplicate of the user which is free to act independently of the user. Once in Chimerical form themselves, the user can spend a Willpower to solidify any of the mirrors into his physical form (there can only be one “real” version). Any chimerical mirrors can be dismissed at will.

Eclipse (meth.)
Surpassing the usual limitations of Obfuscate, a wielder of Eclipse is capable of acting as normal without breaking their concealment. Attacking no longer automatically reveals the vampire, but the target and any bystanders may engage in a mental challenge to attempt to see the vampire. Onlookers must defeat him in an additional mental challenge each round if they wish to keep him in sight. Any who fail are considered surprised in subsequent rounds.

Master of the Forge (elder) Items forged with this lack the standard sheen of a metal object and are unbreakable by Elder or lower Potence. This adds 1 Lethal to any weapon forged with this power, and an additional 2 health levels to any armor forged with this power. Outrage (elder) All attacks that use potence deal an extra level of damage.

Fenris Talons (elder)
Simple test for 1 extra wound, mass trauma and shield destroy, unbreakable, 2 bonus traits for climbing

Spiritus is a Discipline unique to the Ahrimanes bloodline that allows them to interact with animalistic spirits. At its most basic levels it allows the vampire to speak with and summon spirits, but at higher levels power can be channeled from them to strengthen the Ahrimane.

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Rockheart (Level Seven)
For one blood trait and a willpower lasting a scene your innards become rocklike. You are considered to have double Health Levels against physical attacks that do piercing or bashing damage. To stake you, your attacker must at least have Puissance. (Note: If this power is used in conjunction with Flesh of Marble no extra Health Levels are gained, but it now takes three tests to stake you).

Stone Strength (Level Seven)
For one blood trait lasting a scene your flesh hardens and takes on a very distinct rocklike quality. Every manifestation of this power is different in appearance. For some it results in a look of polished marble, while others resemble rough granite. Your skin becomes rock hard and pain is deadened, giving you the extra Physical Trait Tough (above and beyond the maximum allowed by generation). You are immune to wound penalties and take only half damage from fire.

Crawling Chamber (Level Seven)
By spending three blood traits, the Gargoyle may animate an approximately 10 by 10 volume of stone, giving it a base sentience and allowing it to ooze, reshape itself and even attack foes. Statues and the like may be animated as well. The Gargoyle spends 3 blood traits and the “animated” rock has 10 physical traits with Brawl x2, Survival x2, and Dodge. This power lasts for a scene or hour, whichever comes first.

Capable of great destruction and great healing, the earth is the womb of life and the sepulcher of death. It drinks all blood spilled upon its soil and so mirrors the vampire. It is by association with the earth as a source of strength that a koldun enacts his will.

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The ancient anathema of vampires, the element of fire offers the most powerful and dangerous tool available to koldun. The Way of Fire shares aspects with the Way of Earth in that it focuses more on magma and fiery rock than pure, naked flame. Koldun never risk Rötschreck from fire and magma they conjure, though any secondary fires may engender the Red Fear. (Player’s Guide to High Clans, pg. 188)

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The element of Spirit binds and transcends the four elements of the material world. Spirit is life in all its purest and most debased forms. It flows sluggishly in the blood of vampires and dances in the currents of wind and water. It burns in every flame and shakes the foundations of the earth. Ancient koldun learned to extend the spirit of their blood into the world around them, joining and dominating the ambient living essence for a brief time. Unto itself, the Way of Spirit grants preternatural awareness over a wide area. The true power of the art, however, lies in channeling other manifestations of Koldunic Sorcery. A master koldun may whisper his thoughts to the edge of his domain and strike down intruders with tempest, fire and devouring earth. His mystical will is law unto the very edge of his bloated spirit.

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Largely practiced by koldun with havens near large water sources such as the Black Sea or Plain Lakes, this way can raise watery spirit slaves and dash a ship to splinters. More subtly, the vampire may lurk in the depths or conjure illusions to confound and bedazzle his foes. (Player’s Guide to High Clans, pg. 187)

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Subtler than mastery over earth, this way evokes the air in the breath of the living and the last rattle of a dying man. In stillness or motion, koldun turn all aspects of air to their unliving design. (Player’s Guide to High Clans, pg. 185)

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