Hedge Magic & Sorcery

Developed by the Great Grand Craftsman Knight Julius Artok III, esquire, Herald to High King Balor, and used in his challenge to acquire the title of Imperial Smith from Valravn of Appalachia, this path of magic forges a supernatural's soul into an object, allowing the wielder to benefit from the knowledge, experience, and power of the soul contained within. 

You cannot learn ANY level of Enchantment: Soul Forging higher than your level of Crafts ability. Thematically it doesn’t need to be *Forging*, it could be stitching, tattooing, or whatever other form of Crafts the user can creatively justify. The only requirement is that it binds the soul in question and infuses it into the crafted item. As with other crafting, it requires Hoard for the raw materials, and takes a number of weeks equal to twice the level of the item forged. In this case, though, it’s the level of Soul Forging used, not the power it duplicates. The subject must be bound / incapacitated and crafted over a number of weeks equal to twice the level of Soul Forging being used. The soul is trapped in the crafted item by this process and cannot be reincarnated by any means as long as it is. If the item is ever broken or disenchanted, the soul is released and can be resurrected by usual means.

Any traits, abilities, powers, etc. that are soulforged into an item will be random (i.e. chosen by an ST) unless the crafter knows exactly what the victim has on their sheet. They may attempt to replicate a specific trait or power they know the victim has, but any such attempts must be thematic and approved by an ST... you can’t gain access to someone’s Resources by forging their soul into an item, for instance.

Each item has an inherent flaw: the soul is still conscious, aware, and unhappy about being forged. The higher the item’s level, or the willpower of the victim, the more aware the soul is, ranging from a wordless moan at low levels to full-on blood sword encouraging the wielder to kill at highest levels. For every level of Soul Forging used to create an item, the wielder inherits a negative trait or flaw as well as the power. If the victim has no negative traits or flaws, an ST will choose generic ones to represent the forged soul’s influence on the item. 

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