Crushing Jaws (Basic)
By invoking the gift and snapping her jaws shut on a prey, the Ajaba gets a solid hold that lasts until either the bone shatters, or the hyena lets loose or dies. The spirit of Mother Siracca teaches this gift to her remaining children, who consider it a necessary birthright. By using this gift as a group, several Ajaba can shred the mightiest opponent.
System: The Ajab must succeed in a physical challenge vs. its opponent to get a firm grip with their jaws, then spend a point of Willpower. This round and each turn after the Ajaba deals and additional aggravated damage that is cumulative. The target cannot escape the grip unless he kills the hyena. However, the grip does put the hyena easily within reach giving the hyena a -2 Physical trait penalty vs. whomever they have gripped this way.