Knowledge is Power (Adv.)
System: Spend 2 Gnosis and observe your target for one round (during which you may take no other actions), and defeat your target in a mental challenge (Lore of the target's creature type vs. your target's Subterfuge). If successful, for the remainder of the scene or conflict, you may add your points in the appropriate Lore to any challenges for the purposes of ties, and may spend it to retest mental and social challenges against the target. Only one ability can be used in a given challenge, and any Lore used in this manner is spent as with any other retest.

Witness My Pain (Adv.)
System: the user makes a mental challenge against the target (retest with empathy vs. awareness) if successful the target is flooded with the memories of pain and suffering the user has endured. Every broken bone, lost friend, failed innocent the user has suffered through. The target is left in a sorrow-filled stupor to contemplate the images and pain he has just witnessed. For the next minute, the target cannot take any action without first spending a Willpower trait. Any threat of harm ends these effects early. After the power ends and the memories are lost, however; the feelings of what they saw will stay with them for the remainder of the evening and the target suffers the negative mental trait: Submissive x 2.