Shell (Metis - Int.)
Static Willpower vs. Rage chop. Success renders you immune to mind-altering powers for the scene (Dominate, Presence, Chimerstry, Chicanery, Mind sphere, etc.). You automatically lose any Empathy or Primal Urge challenges and may not spent Rage while this is in effect.

White Fire (White Howler - Adv)
This Gift calls on the sacred bone-fires used by the White Howlers to ensure that the fallen return to the cycle rather than becoming ghosts or worse. By summoning this holy fire, the werewolf can hurl a stream of blinding white flames from his hand, searing the flesh from the bones of his foes.
System: The player spends one Gnosis and engages in a physical challenge against his target. The victim suffers three aggravated damage, and must win a simple test or be blinded for the duration of the scene.