Stop Hitting Yourself (adv.)
When you would be wounded by an attack, you may instead activate this Gift by spending one Willpower & performing a Gnosis vs. Rage test against the attacker (vs. 5 for attackers who do not have Rage). On a success, the attacker takes the damage that you would have suffered.

The Coyotes Howl (Legend)
Embracing the very Chaos of the Wild, a legend of Coyote can cause chaos to manifest in the most entropic of ways and unweave the essence of creation. People who see this gift, often wonder if Coyote stole a secret from Those Who Wait Beyond, or maybe he cut a deal. Of course, nobody will ever get a straight answer about the origin of this gift.
System: The Coyote spends one full round breathing in the world around him, and then in a twisted snarl screams at the direction that deserves his wrath. Engage in a Mass physical challenge vs all within a cone outward from the character (Primal Urge vs Defensive Physical). The breath, grows outward a number of yards equal the the Coyotes current willpower. Success inflicts terrible outcomes on it’s unwilling victims and location.
The first is they are entropically warped and being to fall apart. This attack inflicts 3 aggravated damage. The second is that this entropic resonance is so vile and imbued with chaos, it warps any magical effect and unweaves them. This effect is automatic on any non permanent magical effect, and for a number of hours equal to the gnosis the Coyote spends, causes any permanent enchantment to be so imbued with chaos, they snap back and affect their caster in the reverse fashion. This effect can be resisted in a straight willpower vs willpower challenge vs the Coyote.
The true strength of its power is its final effect. Anything that is destroyed with a final level of damage from this power, ceases to exist. Coyote Legends are the only ones allowed to carry this gift, and even then, it is used only in dire circumstances.