Ptah’s Blessing (Advanced) - As the Tengu Gift Deceptive Demise (See Hengeyokai)
This Gift enables the Corax to disappear in an explosive burst of feathers, leaving behind only a splash of blood or ashes as if the corax had suddenly expired. While such a display may not fool everyone, particularly since no corpse remains behind, it’s surprising factor still allows the Corax to make a precipitous exit when faced with impossible odds making this gift highly useful when dealing with formidable or persistent foes.
System: The Corax spends a Gnosis Point and takes one Aggravated damage to produce the blood and feathers in a shower of explosion as if combusted. When the gift is invoked, the Corax must make a mass mental challenge against all attackers. Success against attackers means they are confused and spend a full round investigating the explosion instead of where you really went. During this round, they are oblivious to the Corax completely. The Corax then steps sideways through the gauntlet as a free action for fair escape. Corax often opt to fly in raven form to hasten their escape, however more enterprising, some simply never leave at all and curiously watch from a short distance as their foes poke through their dirty feathers.