Shifter Gifts

Crushing Jaws (Basic)
By invoking the gift and snapping her jaws shut on a prey, the Ajaba gets a solid hold that lasts until either the bone shatters, or the hyena lets loose or dies. The spirit of Mother Siracca teaches this gift to her remaining children, who consider it a necessary birthright. By using this gift as a group, several Ajaba can shred the mightiest opponent.
System: The Ajab must succeed in a physical challenge vs. its opponent to get a firm grip with their jaws, then spend a point of Willpower. This round and each turn after the Ajaba deals and additional aggravated damage that is cumulative. The target cannot escape the grip unless he kills the hyena. However, the grip does put the hyena easily within reach giving the hyena a -2 Physical trait penalty vs. whomever they have gripped this way.

Ptah’s Blessing (Advanced) - As the Tengu Gift Deceptive Demise (See Hengeyokai)
This Gift enables the Corax to disappear in an explosive burst of feathers, leaving behind only a splash of blood or ashes as if the corax had suddenly expired. While such a display may not fool everyone, particularly since no corpse remains behind, it’s surprising factor still allows the Corax to make a precipitous exit when faced with impossible odds making this gift highly useful when dealing with formidable or persistent foes.
System: The Corax spends a Gnosis Point and takes one Aggravated damage to produce the blood and feathers in a shower of explosion as if combusted. When the gift is invoked, the Corax must make a mass mental challenge against all attackers. Success against attackers means they are confused and spend a full round investigating the explosion instead of where you really went. During this round, they are oblivious to the Corax completely. The Corax then steps sideways through the gauntlet as a free action for fair escape. Corax often opt to fly in raven form to hasten their escape, however more enterprising, some simply never leave at all and curiously watch from a short distance as their foes poke through their dirty feathers.

Shell (Metis - Int.)
Static Willpower vs. Rage chop. Success renders you immune to mind-altering powers for the scene (Dominate, Presence, Chimerstry, Chicanery, Mind sphere, etc.). You automatically lose any Empathy or Primal Urge challenges and may not spent Rage while this is in effect.

White Fire (White Howler - Adv)
This Gift calls on the sacred bone-fires used by the White Howlers to ensure that the fallen return to the cycle rather than becoming ghosts or worse. By summoning this holy fire, the werewolf can hurl a stream of blinding white flames from his hand, searing the flesh from the bones of his foes.
System: The player spends one Gnosis and engages in a physical challenge against his target. The victim suffers three aggravated damage, and must win a simple test or be blinded for the duration of the scene.

Stop Hitting Yourself (adv.)
When you would be wounded by an attack, you may instead activate this Gift by spending one Willpower & performing a Gnosis vs. Rage test against the attacker (vs. 5 for attackers who do not have Rage). On a success, the attacker takes the damage that you would have suffered.

The Coyotes Howl (Legend)
Embracing the very Chaos of the Wild, a legend of Coyote can cause chaos to manifest in the most entropic of ways and unweave the essence of creation. People who see this gift, often wonder if Coyote stole a secret from Those Who Wait Beyond, or maybe he cut a deal. Of course, nobody will ever get a straight answer about the origin of this gift.
System: The Coyote spends one full round breathing in the world around him, and then in a twisted snarl screams at the direction that deserves his wrath. Engage in a Mass physical challenge vs all within a cone outward from the character (Primal Urge vs Defensive Physical). The breath, grows outward a number of yards equal the the Coyotes current willpower. Success inflicts terrible outcomes on it’s unwilling victims and location.
The first is they are entropically warped and being to fall apart. This attack inflicts 3 aggravated damage. The second is that this entropic resonance is so vile and imbued with chaos, it warps any magical effect and unweaves them. This effect is automatic on any non permanent magical effect, and for a number of hours equal to the gnosis the Coyote spends, causes any permanent enchantment to be so imbued with chaos, they snap back and affect their caster in the reverse fashion. This effect can be resisted in a straight willpower vs willpower challenge vs the Coyote.
The true strength of its power is its final effect. Anything that is destroyed with a final level of damage from this power, ceases to exist. Coyote Legends are the only ones allowed to carry this gift, and even then, it is used only in dire circumstances.

Knowledge is Power (Adv.)
System: Spend 2 Gnosis and observe your target for one round (during which you may take no other actions), and defeat your target in a mental challenge (Lore of the target's creature type vs. your target's Subterfuge). If successful, for the remainder of the scene or conflict, you may add your points in the appropriate Lore to any challenges for the purposes of ties, and may spend it to retest mental and social challenges against the target. Only one ability can be used in a given challenge, and any Lore used in this manner is spent as with any other retest.

Witness My Pain (Adv.)
System: the user makes a mental challenge against the target (retest with empathy vs. awareness) if successful the target is flooded with the memories of pain and suffering the user has endured. Every broken bone, lost friend, failed innocent the user has suffered through. The target is left in a sorrow-filled stupor to contemplate the images and pain he has just witnessed. For the next minute, the target cannot take any action without first spending a Willpower trait. Any threat of harm ends these effects early. After the power ends and the memories are lost, however; the feelings of what they saw will stay with them for the remainder of the evening and the target suffers the negative mental trait: Submissive x 2.