Sovereign 6 - Ruler of the Land (elder)
Sovereign is the art of rulership, and it has often been said, that the land takes on the appearance of the owner. An extension of Fae nobility, this power allows the Fae to affect those or things around her in awe inspiring ways. Whereas lesser levels of Sovereign are designed to build your kingdom, this level of Sovereign is about making your personal space, and more, yours.

System: Like all Fae arts, you perform your bunk. Upon successful casting of the bunk, you gain a number of additional social traits on the target of the realm equal to the number of bunk traits gained during the casting. These social traits take on their own meaning. Using the Fae realm to cast this on himself, a Noble Troll performing a 5 trait bunk could give himself 5 extra intimidating traits. These traits transcend any trait caps and all who see the troll would feel his intimidating presence as he towers over them. Theatrical effects are also granted with this effect, the troll might be covered in shadows and lightning might shoot from his footsteps. The only catch is, the social traits gained, must already be social traits that the caster themselves possesses. No matter how hard a ruler tries, the tiny boggan who has never intimidated a person in their life, can not rule a landscape of terror and nightmare.
The different realms dictate what can be affected, even things that normally do not have social traits gain them with this art and can use them on behalf of the owner. Which is where the power becomes truly terrifying. Using the Nature Realm in conjunction with the Scene realm to grant a landscape Alluring, any who find themselves seeking to harm the land may find themselves in a social challenge, or an intimidating castle may simply frighten away weak willed advisories.
All traits and effects gained through use of this power last for a number of nights equal to the number of bunk traits gained during the casting. The scene and time realms are enhancers as per usual. The time realm can hang the effect so that your castle only is glamourous when you are in the room for example. No self respecting sidhe would want to be outdone by their furniture. Used in conjunction with dreamcraft, one can create truly amazing dreamscapes, and then rule them as they see fit.

Resplendent Command (elder)
A commander who masters Sovereign can inspire confidence in his soldiers, elevating their dedication to the battle. The caster must perform a bunk, which may be something as grandiose as delivering an inspirational speech, or as subtle as devising a brilliant stratagem. Anyone who is targeted by this receives a Morale bonus equal to the Bunk traits for the duration of a battle. No one can be affected by this more than once per battle. Scene 5 and Fae and/or Actor realms are required to affect an entire Unit.

Loyalty (master)
When someone makes an oath to you, you activate this at the cost of one Glamour and defeat the target in a social challenge (Leadership vs. Subterfuge). The oath taker finds it extremely difficult to violate the tenets of their oath. In order to voluntarily break the oath, they must first defeat you in a social challenge. Failure renders them incapable of taking the action that would violate the oath. If the oath is successfully broken, the penalties for breaking it are doubled.