Seek ‘n’ Spell: Basic 1
Use of this cantrip allows you to see the meaning behind any written text. You can read anything in any language, even texts written with magical wards on them (although the magic of the ward will oppose the reader, as in the example under Weaver Ward). A new cantrip must be cast for each new text read. The subject matter of the text determines the Realm that must be applied. A book of medieval weapons written in Latin, for example, can be ready by someone using the Prop Realm. A Fae using the Nature Realm could decipher a manuscript on the flora of South America. Changelings unsure if they have the appropriate Realm to use for this cantrip may spend a keening trait to glean insight into what realm they need before the activation of this art.

System: This art lasts for a number of hours equal the number of bunk traits gained during its casting. Otherwise no challenge is required. In the case of magical texts and warded objects however, a mental challenge (retest kenning) is required against the creator of the object or the ward. No relenting is allowed and full retests are used automatically by the creator.

Saining: Intermediate 2
This cantrip functions like it suggests out of the Shining Host, save for our house rule of it being a challenge vs. a character if used upon them. This is to recast it as a Second Intermediate Art.