Ensnare and Rattle: Intermediate 2
In addition to what is described in the Shining Host, this power is also encompasses the Advanced power "Rattle" from that book. We have decided to include this here as "Rattle" is not a power worthy of advanced proportions.

System: Much like Gimmix, but stronger and more controlled, the other effect of the Art of “Ensnare and Rattle” allows you to slam and toss your opponents directly, or to put on displays of telekinesis that are nothing short of stunning. To use Rattle, you must defeat your target in a Physical Challenge then spend a variable number of Physical Traits. Each Trait spent allows you to manipulate or throw 100 pounds’ worth of material, or for a single target to be thrown 10 feet/trait spent. Using this power for damage inflicts one Health Level each time your opponent slams into a solid object and allows you to position your target wherever you want within the range dictated by your Trait expenditure. At this level of control, fine manipulation such as typing is also possible, though you must concentrate on nothing else, and can only perform the cantrip for a number of actions/minutes equal to the number of Bunk Traits gained in the casting. Most uses of Rattle are clearly supernatural, and are often protected only by the Mists (but beware, for one never knows when Dauntain are watching).