Kryos 6: Chill the Soul (elder)
Rather than chill the physical body, a master of Kryos to this level can freeze the very soul, turning the target into an emotionless frozen husk. Used on the living, it renders the target completely unable to learn or teach, or spend willpower, for a duration of a month or until exceptional thawing from a counter of the Pyros art or other such power. Can be made permanent with the expenditure of a permanent glamour. Used on inanimate objects, it places any spirits back into slumber and traps them within.

Kryos 7: Eternal Winter (master)
This power functionally "salts the earth" of an entire land, per the red cap treasure "sands of hunger" and is in fact, where the treasure once came from. This power allows the caster to salt the earth and forever ban the appropriate realms from flourishing there. A use of the Actor realm would prevent anyone from being born there, a use of the fae realm would prevent fae from awakening, a use of the nature realm would prevent any food or animals from growing or living there, a use of the prop realm would see any device freeze and fail to function or be unable to built. Scene & Time only enhance the effect. Do not use normal scene chart; use: Farm / Park / Forest / Preserve / Personal Domain