The Merry Dance: Basic 2
Use of this cantrip allows the caster to influence the changes that the Firchliss brings as it sweeps through the dreaming. Though it is dangerous to use this cantrip often as the dreaming doesn’t appreciate control exerted over it.

System: When the Firchliss moves through to change the dreaming, you may perform a bunk to cast this cantrip and spend Mental traits to affect what is changed. For each Mental trait spent you can alter color, temperature, appearance, vibrancy, abundance, and the landscape of what changes the Firchliss brings.

Dream Riding: Intermediate 2
This art allows the fae to interact with and alter a mortal's dreams while the caster is in the Dreaming. It may alternatively be used to ride a mortal's dreams from the mundane world into the Dreaming, though there's no way to control where they'll end up.

System: When you are in the dreaming you may interact with a specific mortal’s dreams and change them much like The Merry Dance. Spend a Glamour to cast the cantrip. You must defeat the mortal in a Mental Challenge. Then spend a Mental Trait for each bit of the dream you would like to affect (color, temperature, appearance, vibrancy, abundance, and the landscape).