Some say the Dark-kin learned Discord in their sleep, taught by the ancient Dragon Ouroborous. This legend could be just an intimidation tactic the naraka made up to fit their dark mysticism. However, some Sidhe believe that this same mythical creature endows the fae with the Dragon’s Ire; Discord is undeniably an Art of war. Discord is brutal and effective in incapacitating, crippling or slaying an opponent. Naraka most commonly wield this Art, which adds to the ambiguity of it's origin, but it is sometimes practiced by other adhene. Few changelings have ever seen anything like it. If the Denizen augments this Art with other such as Wayfare and Primal, he may even go toe to toe with powerful prodigals.

• House of Mirrors
This cantrip makes a creepy distraction tactic by creating multiple chimerical images. These images are harmless and cannot attack anyone, but in a combat situation opponents take some time to figure out which Denizen (or changeling) is the right one to hit amid shifting shadows and whirling half-seen images. Some may be mirror copies of the caster, while others consist of moving light and shadow seen from the corner of the eye that are too threatening to ignore.
System: The Realm used determines what the images distract. This Art costs one point of temporary Glamour. The number of Bunk traits dictate how many images form, and how many turns they last. Each chimerical image is animated and moves around in a confusing, menacing manner. Engage your target in a Mental challenge. If successful, the target’s Initiative is considered two traits lower for each image created.

•• Hermes Fleetness
Hermes’ Fleetness increases the reflexes and agility of a target, making attempts to dodge blows easier.
System: When Hermes’ Fleetness is cast, the character must spend one temporary Glamour. The character that cast Hermes’ Fleetness receives 2 bonus traits on any attempt to Dodge for each Bunk trait during the casting, up to a maximum of 6 traits. This bonus lasts for one turn per Bunk trait.

••• Armilustra
This cantrip can augment a weapon (or bare hands) to do aggravated damage. Sometimes called “Myth Bane” it is not only as potent as iron to the fae, but also lethal to prodigals. The weapon so enchanted takes on a fiery glow.
System: The Realm used determines what delivers the sting of Myth-Bane. Thus, the Prop realm would enchant a sword while the Fae realm would affect the attacker’s fists and the Nature realm would enchant a rose’s thorns or cat’s claws. One point of temporary Glamour must be spent to cast the cantrip. The number of Bunk traits in the casting determine how many “charges” of aggravated wounding potential the cantrip has until it needs to be cast again. For example, if cast on a sword, four Bunk traits would indicate that the weapon could do four levels of aggravated damage before becoming a normal sword again. The amount of aggravated damage cannot exceed the weapon’s damage on any given attack.

•••• Whirling Dervish
This cantrip adds great accuracy in battle due to speed and nimble precision. Whirling Dervish is generally cast before a combat situation. The cantrip makes it easier to hit an opponent that coincides with the Realm used.
System: The Realm chosen to accompany this Art must coincide with the nature of the Denizen’s target. The Denizen must spend a point of temporary Glamour to cast this cantrip. For a number of rounds equal to the Bunk traits gained during the casting, the caster may use the Bomb in speed-related challenges when trying to hit the target of this cantrip. You do not have to use it, but you must warn your opponent that you can use it and how it works.

••••• Life and Limb
Life and Limb is primarily cast before violent conflicts when the character knows things will come to blows. It augments the Denizen’s instincts to strike vital areas on an opponent.
System: The Realm chosen to accompany this Art must coincide with the nature of the Denizen’s target. The Denizen must spend a point of temporary Glamour for each target of Life and Limb. When striking the designated targets with unarmed or melee attacks, you deal an additional level of damage. A successful called shots to a limb (win, not tie, two static challenges) will sever it. Life and Limb lasts until the end of the user’s current combat.