Permanence: Intermediate 2

This cantrip affects the duration that another Art lasts. When applied to most Arts, this cantrip extends the duration by one unit of time (variable) per 2 Mental Traits spent. The Storyteller has absolutely the last word over how it affects a given cantrip. The amount of time (units of time) may be counted in rounds, minutes, or even centuries, depending on the spirit of the cantrip being affected. (i.e., The duration of the Chicanery cantrip Fuddle is counted in minutes, while the Dream-Craft cantrip Attunement may be measured in months.) Cantrips with no duration to speak of (e.g., the Primal cantrip Holly-Strike) are not affected by this cantrip at all.

System: The Realm used determines who or what is being affected.  The increased duration is based on Mental Traits spent.
2 Mental Traits -- 1 Unit of Time Higher
4 Mental Traits -- 2 Units of Time Higher
6 Mental Traits -- 3 Units of Time Higher
8 Mental Traits -- 4 Units of Time Higher
10 Mental Traits -- 5 Units of Time Higher