Items Infused with Magic / Powers / Special Mechanics

To create an item it takes a number of weeks/the level of power you wish to infuse in the item x2. You may expend levels of the Crafts skill to either make the item of higher quality OR hurry the process and reduce the time needed to craft by one week/level spent (to a minimum of 1 week). You can only craft an number of items in a month per weeks in the month. You do not need to use experience to create items, but you must possess the power you wish to infuse. Crafting items requires the temporary expenditure of appropriate Material Resources. A single item up to level 5 can be created with a single temp. Resource, with an additional temp. Resource required for each level above that.

Crafting items beyond your personal capabilities, such as a power or effect you do not possess or a level above your background cap, may be possible. The storytellers will determine the feasibility of such items on a case-by-case basis, and any additional crafting requirements or assigning additional flaws in the design. Such items will likely require specific materials not covered by a generic Hoard background.  

One Time Use Items

You may craft 1 set of 5 of any one time use items per week. You may craft a different set of one use items in another week, but not the same set of items.