Available Backgrounds

  • Hoard - Represents raw materials for trade and crafting. Raw materials represented by Hoard are capable of sustaining magical enchantment, making them a prerequisite for crafting magical items. Note, however, that they are only able to hold magic, and do not bestow any magical affect on their own. 
  • Political Connections - Each point will allow you to use one point of an influence in another domain. Anyone can gain Political Connections if they earn them through story or influence use. Fae may start with them at character creation. Political Connections x 2 can be spent to arrange a meeting with one of the Ambassadors in their Embassy in the Court of Empires (up to one day of meetings). Political Connections x 4 can be spent to invite one of the Ambassadors to your domain for a semi-extended duration (up to one week, provided their schedule allows for it). Political Connections x 8 can be spent to secure an invitation to visit another Kingdom. Whenever possible, these will take the form of downtime actions. 

  • Trod - pathways known to you through the dreaming, may be dangerous, but faster to travel them when they are available.

Nuwisha, Corax, and Bastet Only

  • Umbral Maps (Nuwisha or Corax) - For each level of Umbral Maps background that the character has, their knowledge of the Near Umbra increases; while "maps" to the other areas of the Umbra also exist, they are notoriously unreliable due to the fluid nature of reality in such areas. Provided the character has a valid "map" of the area, each level of this Background reduces by one the difficulty of all tests related to traveling through the spirit world, finding shelter there, even attempting to speak with the native spirits. It should be noted that this Background rarely represents actual physical maps, but rather the knowledge imparted by long lessons in Umbral byways and a certain intuitive grasp of Umbral travel.

Gurahl and Mokole Only

  • Mnesis (Mokole) - Mnesis is the instinctive memory of the Mokolk, containing memories as old as the age of dinosaurs. They can quest into their memories to retrieve lost knowledge or sage advice on how to counter a problem in the present. Each Trait represents an increased connection to the memories of the ages. Mnesis is often necessary to progress in studying Memory or in spiritual matters, and may occasionally be used in challenges to recall things from Memory.

Ratkin Only

  • Colony - Population, like Kinfolk for a rat, a Metis Rat must take at least one point in Colony
  • Freak Factor - This Background describes how truly demented your Ratkin is, how far away from the general perception of reality she is.