Available Traits


Each character chooses what Abilities describes the things their character can do or knows. We have broken down a list of available abilities in the 7th Age setting. Some Abilities are available to all races and others are race specific. Ultimately, if it isn’t on this list, it isn’t in the game. Abilities can also have specializations. For every 3 traits in an Ability you can choose a specialization. Some are specific and already listed. Others are more free form and interpretive. Specializations count as an extra trait in challenge resolution so long as your specialization applies to the scenario. And no matter what only one specialization can be utilized for a challenge.


These are the available backgrounds in the game. Certain specific backgrounds, listed below, produce population which adds to your title. Those marked with a note in parenthesis are restricted to the noted creature type at creation.

  • Allies
  • Contacts
  • Domain
  • Domain Security
  • Information Network
  • Herd (Vampire)
  • Kinfolk (Shifter)
  • Colony (Ratkin)
  • Cult (Mage)
  • Dreamers (Fae)
  • Holdings (Fae)
  • Political Connections (Fae)
  • Ayllu (Mummy)

A note on Resources

As important as your population - in some ways even more so - are how you care for them. This requires Resources. The setting of Haven is one of a kingdom in its infancy, and kingdom building is intended to be a major element.

While your level of Resources is capped like any other Background, you are limited to a maximum of five levels of the Resource background at creation. For each trait of Resources you possess, you must choose what type of resource it represents. The list of possibilities is extensive and open-ended - be it food, materials for building and crafts, luxury goods as provided by craftsmen, or other things which can be set at creation.

Please note that, at this time, an exhaustive list of Resource types is not provided. This is intentional, to leave it open for players to propose possible Resource categories and types that might otherwise not be considered. If they would fall into an existing category, they will be classified accordingly. 


All influences add to your population totals. Please familiarize yourself with the Influence House Rules as this may impact the influences available to you at creation. Note that our influences differ drastically from every other World of Darkness game, and you should examine the influence charts before choosing your influences.

A note on Influences

Any given influence cannot be higher than seven at creation. In addition to providing population, your level of an influence represents your control over a certain category of life in Haven. As a (relatively) recent arrival in Haven, and one who has been isolated from your neighbors while you establish your own corner of it, you simply have not had the time or opportunity to develop total control over that influence. Plus, having levels above you means you will have something to aspire and grow to, as well as rivals who may contest you for that control.


The list of Merits available to choose from is vast and spans dozens of books. We have consolidated a list of available merits, complete with the point value and the book in which it can be found. Some Merits are for all races, others are only available to certain creature types. View the list to see what advantages are available for your character.


In addition to providing additional points for character creation, Flaws can make a character special and provide a roleplaying challenge. The list of available flaws is broken down much like the list of merits. Certain flaws are open to anyone and some are race specific. Check out the list to see what character defects you’d like to give your character.