Basic Character

Once you have selected your kingdom, build a starting character for your appropriate creature type following the rules of your appropriate creature book. Check the House Rules for any changes to your creature type that supersede the books. The maximum trait cap is determined according to the chart listed under the House Rules for your creature type. Vampires cannot be lower than 6th generation, Shifters cannot start higher than Rank 5 (Elder), Mages cannot start with more than 5 Arete, Mummies cannot start with more than 5 Balance, and Fae cannot have more than 5 Glamour higher than their Banality.

Once the basic character is complete, add 150 experience to it. Writing and submitting a backstory will, pending approval, earn you an additional 50 experience. Discuss with the storyteller what has happened in your past and led you to Haven, as well as what you have been doing during your time there.

Population / Title

In most Kingdoms, title is determined by the amount of people underneath you, which is calculated by your Influences and certain backgrounds. Each Influence and Population Background amounts to 1,000 people under you. You must spend at least 10 points (Squire), but no more than 150 points (Baron) of your 200 experience on population producing backgrounds. Title is an important element of the social aspect of the game. You MUST create a noble and you MUST be from one of the listed Kingdoms. The titles of Nobility are as follows (according to Dischordia. Other kingdoms and domains may have variation in their title names): 

  • Squire: You oversee or have holdings over 10,000 "souls"
  • Knight: You have acquired holdings over 50,000 "souls"
  • Baron: You have conned enough to get roughly 150,000 "souls"
  • Count: My, my, you sly dog. 300,000 jackasses follow you
  • Duke: You must have slept with your bosses to get here. 600,000
  • Prince: A lot of people, roughly 1,250,000 souls
  • King: That one guy everyone talks about. 2,500,000 souls
  • High King / Emperor: This, my friends, is Balor. 5,000,000+

Your title can increase or decrease throughout play... but the importance of it depends on how much you can convince your peers in Haven that it IS important. The easiest way to gain title, is to get someone else to kneel and swear fealty to you. If you have two friends who are your Knights, each with small armies of 50,000 people in a domain, and you have the same amount yourself, you can become a Baron. Thus, if you want to grow in title, you can do it through recruitment and acquisition, hostile takeover, trade, or treaties. Careful, though, as you grow in title you gain more responsibility... Maintaining and caring for your population requires Resources - See below for more detail.


Once you have a character, a Kingdom, and some friends to work with, get out there, little champ, and show those people at court what you are really worth! Just don't lose your lands and holdings and title... Every player should familiarize themselves with the Laws & Etiquette of Court before attending. The laws presented there are those of Dischordia, and not every Kingdom holds the same values.