Getting Started


One of the most important aspects of the Seventh Age is the setting: The Thousand Years of Darkness. Various Kingdoms and Domains exist, ruled by terrifying monsters. For humans, it's absolutely terrible. For everything else, it's the Dark Ages... AKA: Awesome. Originally the game took place within the Unseelie Kingdom of Dischordia. In this latest chapter, however, the character you create will be some sort of fancy nobility from one of the kingdoms of the world who have found themselves in a place known only as Haven. For now you will need to decide on a concept. 

Inspiration & Concept

A character is more than a collection of powers and traits, so you should put some thought into what makes your character unique. Give some thought to a concept, and a short summary of what the character is about. It might be inspired by a favorite novel or movie, or based on some defining thing about the character. Try browsing for ideas if stuck. While spending points to build up the character sheet, think about what Traits/Abilities/etc. are essential for the concept to work. Any concept is valid, provided it fits the setting as described above. 

The next step is to choose a creature type and a Domain. Whether you're a bloodsucking vampire, a fae created from pure dream, a half-spirit shifter, an enlightened mage, or a resurrected mummy, you must be one of the playable races from one of the kingdoms of the world. You may want to consult the storyteller for advice, or examine the Kingdoms in more detail. The reason the Kingdom is chosen before the character is created, is that each domain has its own theme and characteristics which may influence your concept.