Character Creation

Please reach out to the storytelling staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your character before beginning creation. We will speak with you about your concept, help you identify an appropriate Domain, and help guide you the rest of the way to ensure your character will fit the theme and setting. New characters must be submitted by the second Saturday of the month. However, Submissions received late may not be approved for the following game. You will be allowed to play your concept at the next game, however you will not be allowed to enter into any challenges until your character is fully created. This gives you a chance to experience the game as a player, and for us to see how well you blend with the troupe. If your character is not finished, and you do not wish to play it until it is, we have numerous NPCs available to play. This will give you a good idea of the game and aid in your creation, roleplaying in the setting, and immersion.



One of the most important aspects of the Seventh Age is the setting: The Thousand Years of Darkness within the Unseelie Kingdom of Dischordia. Various Domains exist, ruled by terrifying monsters. For humans, it's absolutely terrible. For everything else, it's the Dark Ages... AKA: Awesome. The character you create will be some sort of fancy nobility within one of the Domains of Dischordia. More on the titles of Nobility later, but for now you will need to decide on a concept. 

Inspiration & Concept

A character is more than a collection of powers and traits, so you should put some thought into what makes your character unique. Give some thought to a concept, and a short summary of what the character is about. It might be inspired by a favorite novel or movie, or based on some defining thing about the character. Try browsing for ideas if stuck. While spending points to build up the character sheet, think about what Traits/Abilities/etc. are essential for the concept to work. Any concept is valid, provided it fits the setting as described above. 

The next step is to choose a creature type and a Domain. Whether you're a bloodsucking vampire, a fae created from pure dream, a half-spirit shifter, an enlightened mage, or a resurrected mummy, you must be one of the playable races, from one of the Dischordian Domains. You may want to consult the storytellers for advice, or examine the Dischordian Domains in more detail. The reason the Domain is chosen before the character is created, is that each domain has its own theme and characteristics which may influence your concept. In addition, the domain you choose determines what advantage and disadvantage you have above and beyond the norm. 

You must choose a Domain to call home. Brief summaries follow for the available options. Click the name of the Domain to see more detail about each, or you may view the Kingdom of Dischordia in greater detail.

Appalachian Alliance

From legitimate mining, crafting, and construction businesses in Appalachia proper, to shady criminal dealings of the Second City, the Appalachian Alliance is a domain founded on the entrepreneurial spirit. Pursuing their ideals of industrialism and criminal enterprise has led to the Appalachian Alliance becoming one of the wealthiest and most prosperous domains in Dischordia, recognized even by High King Balor in naming them the Imperial Treasury.

Advantage - (Choose one) Hoard x5 or Resources x5 backgrounds, or Larcenous x5 influence
Disadvantage - Light Sensitive (5 points)

Empyrean Dysambigua

A collection of multiple, like-minded domains joined together on the precepts of the guidance of faith and enlightenment. Each of the domains that make up the Empyrean Dysambigua, the New Faith, Unification, Valley of the King, and Vancouver, pursue their own goals of Enlightenment, Ascension, and Godhood.

Advantage - (Choose one) Church x5 or Political x5 influences, or Rituals x5 ability which is used boost the supernatural powers of others
Disadvantage - Echoes (5 points)

Imperial Bermuda

Beginning as a domain of pirates and the seven seas centered around the Bermuda Triangle, the nobles of the Devil's Triangle have drawn others beneath their banner from an eclectic collection of domains. The domain is a hub of transportation across sea, air, and realms of spirit. Its annexed domains include the well-informed scouts and cartographers of the Archive, the hypertechnological New Atlantis, and the airbound Aranta-Shadur.

Advantage - (Choose one) Information Network x5, Domain Security x5, or Trods x5 backgrounds
Disadvantage - Chimerical Magnet (5 points)


The Imperial Families serve greater Dischordia, working to guarantee a strong and functioning Kingdom. The Imperials consider themselves the elite nobles of Dischordia, above the nobles of other Domains and their petty squabbles. The truth, however, is that many find themselves embroiled in the same petty competition as Domain nobles.

Advantage - (Choose one) Bonus traits equal to Title, Magistrates x5 or Spies x5 influences, usable in any domain once per month
Disadvantage - Obligation (5 points)

Nightmare Lands (Temporarily Unavailable)

When the outer realms merged with the physical plane, the Deep Dreaming settled over the arctic circle, bringing with it creatures from humanity’s deepest nightmares. Chthonic beings of pure nightmare reside here, as do those who have fallen so deeply into their own twisted madness that they have found their way here. Marauders, Abominations, and twisted Thallain call this land home. One thing is certain, the nightmare Lands remain a place of terror to any who enter, and few remain for long with their sanity intact.

Advantage - Dream x5 background, Street x5 influence, or the Merit: Immunity (fear effects)
Disadvantage - Banality’s Curse (5 points)

Ordo Trismegistus

The Ordo Trismegistus is by far the most arcane domains in Dischordia. Its most powerful territory, the Society of Deus, was built before the Fall around an immense library of occult knowledge which is unsurpassed in the Seventh Age. No other domain possesses the sheer magical prowess of the Ordo's sorcerers.

Advantage - Occult x5 influence, Library x5 or Retainer x5 backgrounds
Disadvantage - Geasa (5 points)

Sultanate of Glass

The Sultanate of Glass is a kingdom of enlightenment and magic akin to the tales of the 1001 Arabian Nights, complete with djinn, lamps, and flying carpets. The kingdom spans the deserts of the middle east, whose sand was melted into glass during the conflicts that followed the Fall of the Shroud, and the return of the Djinn.

Advantage - Arcane x 5, Health x 5, Learning x 5
Disadvantage - Tithe (5 points)

Wolves of the North

The northern territory of Dischordia, what was once Canada and Alaska, is now a wild land of wild and legendary bygone creatures. Here, hardy Viking warriors have been tasked by the lord of their domain, Odin, to police the Trods and protect the 9 realms from creatures which bleed through into this reality. The people of this domain cling to the old ways with fervor, rendering almost all technology useless within their borders.

Advantage - Totem x5, Domain Security x5, or Treasure x5 backgrounds
Disadvantage - Enemy (5 points)

Once you have selected your kingdom, build a starting character for your appropriate creature type following the rules of your appropriate creature book. Check the House Rules for any changes to your creature type that supersede the books. The maximum trait cap is determined according to the chart listed under the House Rules for your creature type. Vampires cannot be lower than 6th generation, Shifters cannot start higher than Rank 5 (Elder), Mages cannot start with more than 5 Arete, Mummies cannot start with more than 5 Balance, and Fae cannot have more than 5 Glamour higher than their Banality.

Once the basic character is complete, add 200 experience to it. Preexisting characters returning from previous eras will be given a number of Experience Points to account for passed time. Discuss with a storyteller to go over what has happened over any time jumps with your character and to make certain what you wish to purchase is available.


Title is determined by the amount of people underneath you, which is calculated by your Influences and certain backgrounds. Each Influence and Population Background amounts to 1,000 people under you. You must spend at least 10 points (Squire), but no more than 150 points (Baron) of your 200 experience on population producing backgrounds. Title is the crux of the game. You MUST create a noble and you MUST be from one of the available domains. NO EXCEPTIONS. The titles of Nobility are as follows: 

  • Squire / Ridari: You oversee or have holdings over 10,000 "souls"
  • Knight / Cavalrie: You have acquired holdings over 50,000 "souls"
  • Baron / Visconte: You have conned enough to get roughly 150,000 "souls"
  • Earl / Count: My, my, you sly dog. 300,000 jackasses follow you
  • Marquis / Duke: You must have slept with your bosses to get here. 600,000
  • Prince / Lord: A lot of people, roughly 1,250,000 souls
  • King: That one guy everyone talks about. 2,500,000 souls
  • High King / Emperor: This, my friends, is Balor. 5,000,000+

Your title can increase or decrease throughout play. The easiest way to gain title, is to get someone else to kneel and swear fealty to you. If you have two friends who are your Knights, each with small armies of 50,000 people in a domain, and you have the same amount yourself, you can become a Baron. Thus, if you want to grow in title, you can do it through recruitment and acquisition, hostile takeover, trade, or treaties. Careful, though, as you grow in title you gain more responsibility... 


Once you have a character, a Domain, and some friends to work with, get out there, little champ, and show those people at court what you are really worth! Just don't lose your lands and holdings and title... Every player should familiarize themselves with the Laws & Etiquette of Court before attending.  


Each character chooses what Abilities describes the things their character can do or knows. We have broken down a list of available abilities in the 7th Age setting. Some Abilities are available to all races and others are race specific. Ultimately, if it isn’t on this list, it isn’t in the game. Abilities can also have specializations. For every 3 traits in an Ability you can choose a specialization. Some are specific and already listed. Others are more free form and interpretive. Specializations count as an extra trait in challenge resolution so long as your specialization applies to the scenario. And no matter what only one specialization can be utilized for a challenge.


These are the available backgrounds in the game. Certain specific backgrounds, listed below, produce population which adds to your title. Those marked with a note in parenthesis are restricted to the noted creature type at creation.

  • Allies
  • Contacts
  • Domain
  • Domain Security
  • Information Network
  • Herd (Vampire)
  • Kinfolk (Shifter)
  • Colony (Ratkin)
  • Cult (Mage)
  • Dreamers (Fae)
  • Holdings (Fae)
  • Political Connections (Fae)
  • Ayllu (Mummy)


All influences add to your population totals. Please familiarize yourself with the Influence House Rules as this may impact the influences available to you at creation. Note that our influences differ drastically from every other World of Darkness game, and you should examine the influence charts before choosing your influences.


The list of Merits available to choose from is vast and spans dozens of books. We have consolidated a list of available merits, complete with the point value and the book in which it can be found. Some Merits are for all races, others are only available to certain creature types. View the list to see what advantages are available for your character.


In addition to providing additional points for character creation, Flaws can make a character special and provide a roleplaying challenge. The list of available flaws is broken down much like the list of merits. Certain flaws are open to anyone and some are race specific. Check out the list to see what character defects you’d like to give your character.