Background Caps are the same as the Max Ability Caps according to the Trait Cap charts listed for your appropriate creature type. This cap does not include Influences, which follow their own set of rules

Background House Rules 

See also: Available Backgrounds

Allies - Allies can gain you any Influence up to 5 or Ability up to your rating in Allies. Raising influences above 5 will require combining with other sources - even from other Allies - following the mechanics for Combining Influences.

Allyu / Cult / Dreamers / Herd / Kinfolk - May be used to acquire 1 trait of supernatural juice (Respectively: Sekhem, Tass, Glamour, Blood, Gnosis) per point dedicated to that purpose. Each of these five backgrounds is associated with a particular creature type (Mummy, Mage, Fae, Vampire, and Shifter, respectively). While any character may acquire any of these, they will generally only be useful to characters of the appropriate creature type.

Alternate Identity - You may use Alternate Identity on any action to attempt to hide your involvement in the action. There is no need to specify this cover identity. If anyone discovers the action, it simply leads to “someone” taking the action and a dead paper trail of who is responsible. If more Contacts or Information Network are used that Alternate Identity on a specific action, others can discover who took the action. Each use of Alternate Identity can cove any one action (any one use of backgrounds, influences, or general actions). You can use more than one Alternate Identity on a single action, but cannot use Alternate Identity to cover multiple actions (ie., you cannot use Alt. Identity to cover all of your Contacts actions or Information Network actions, it can cover looking for one specific individual, place or thing with Info Net, or looking into one influence with Contacts.

Arcane - You may declare the use of Arcane at the end of a scene by engaging in a static Mental challenge (no traits risked) against those present. If you win, those who lost don’t remember you. If you lose, those who beat you will remember you. Both sides may use Willpower as a retest. The individual using Arcane can opt to use a point of Arcane as an additional retest.

Arsenal - Arsenal is not subject to the same cap as other backgrounds, but cannot go higher than your Domain Security rating. Arsenal obtained via influence actions is normal, mundane weaponry. There are some Church / Occult influence actions that can boost them as well, which will make them generally more effective.

Domain - Domain is not subject to the same cap as other backgrounds. There is no cap on Domain.

Domain Security - Domain Security is not subject to the same cap as other backgrounds, but cannot go higher than your Domain rating.

Patron - A patron is another noble that supports you politically. It can be nearly anyone, but is usually someone of higher title. This Background can only be purchased by Fae. All others must earn it through role-playing solely. Your rating in Patron affords you to ask for their aid on some action in your downtime actions. Each point in Patron is a point of some background or influence they can boost for you, or use on your behalf. For instance, if you have a Patron x 3, you can ask them to use three one point influences for you, or lend you 3 points of Political Connections, etc.

Political Connections - Each point will allow you to use one point of an influence in another domain. Anyone can gain Political Connections if they earn them through story or influence use. Fae may start with them at character creation. Political Connections x 2 can be spent to arrange a meeting with one of the Ambassadors in their Embassy in the Court of Empires (up to one day of meetings). Political Connections x 4 can be spent to invite one of the Ambassadors to your domain for a semi-extended duration (up to one week, provided their schedule allows for it). Political Connections x 8 can be spent to secure an invitation to visit another Kingdom. Whenever possible, these will take the form of downtime actions.

Mentor - Your mentor is assumed to have the Instruction Ability at their rating of Mentor. This is why Mentor reduces Learning Times. Mentors can teach anything they have, so long as you can learn it. If you have a Mentor that is NOT the same creature type as you, there is little other than Abilities that you can learn from them. However, as per the mechanics described in MET books, Mentor may be able to loan you Influences for your own use, if they have it (and are not using it)

Resources - Resources are not subject to the usual Background caps, but cap at 10, regardless of your usual cap.

Retainer / Companion - NPC Retainers and Companions will all be made by an ST only. By all means have an idea of what you will like and let us know, however it must be made by a storyteller. Obtaining Retainers or Companions after character creation can be done through creative uses of Influences and backgrounds. They are purchased with experience points (1 exp per background point), but must be found by expending backgrounds and influences. We are looking for story to guide the use of the experience and effort on the character’s part to find what they are looking for. Each Retainer or Companion will be created as a base character +5xp per background point.