General Changes

  • Books: This covers most of the generic world of darkness core rules. When looking at powers for your race please use the following (other books may be used at storyteller’s approval only).
  • Nothing is automatic vs. another character: Every power requires a trait + ability vs. trait + ability challenge. All powers follow this format of challenges: Offender bids Trait. Defender bids Trait. Challenge. Retest as appropriate. Any power in any book that does not follow this system is subject to follow this system once it is brought to light. Any power calling for extended or static challenges follows this standard rule, instead

  • Trait Caps: All supernatural creature types have a base trait rating of 13. Each type of supernatural creature determines its trait caps differently, and are defined on their respective pages in the Playable Races house rules.

  • Advantages: Advantages granted by Clan, Kith, Tradition, Tribe, etc. can exceed maximum trait or ability caps for your specific supernatural type.

  • Abilities add when comparing: All characters may add their appropriate ability rating into the challenge for comparing ties and overbids. Any abilities lost due to retesting are always subtracted from tie totals. Only one ability may be added at any time in a single challenge. You may still add specializations as normal (giving a +1 bonus to the appropriate challenge if applicable), but only one specialization may be used at a time as well. Abilities do not count in determining your initiative order, only for comparing traits in ties and overbids (something you actually have to make a challenge for).

  • Damage Caps: As a general rule for damage if not detailed it in the books (which the printed rules supercede this rule): Basic powers are capped at 1 level of damage, Intermediate at 2 levels of damage, Advanced at 3 level of damage. Shifters use their rank instead of power level to determine maximum damage when not specified. Storytellers have the final say.

  • Damage Wrap-around: We are using the damage wrap around system. Take enough bashing and it becomes lethal, take enough lethal and you start taking aggravated damage. The Storyteller has final say on this.

  • Called Shot System: This will be changed to follow the staking system.
    • Normal Attack: no penalties
    • Attack a limb, leg, arm, or tail: One simple test win or tie, lose is a missed called shot, but attack still hits.
    • Headshot or Disarm: Two simple test in order of one win and one win or tie, tie on the first one or lose on the second one means failing the called shot, but still a successful attack.
    • Staking or Eye Shot etc…: Two simple tests win only. Lose is a missed called shot, but attack still hits.

  • Extra Actions: Any power that grants extra actions fall in line with each other. Example: A Fae using Quicksilver gains 4 extra actions after the cantrip is cast and a Vampire using Celerity burns their blood to get 2 extra actions. The Vampire's first action is a preempt (Alacrity) and it goes first. The Fae may only defend, with Dodge if it wishes to use one of it’s extra actions, or Survival if it wishes to soak the damage with something appropriate. Then the Fae gets its first action. The Vampire may choose to defend with Dodge if it wishes to use on of it’s extra actions, or it can use Survival if it has Fortitude and the challenge resolves. The Vampire has 2 more actions (if it didn’t Dodge), the Fae 3 (if it didn’t Dodge as well). Now they attack each other with their next 2 actions each. The winner of the challenges does damage to the loser. The Vampire now has no more actions and the Fae 1 more action. The Vampire can ONLY defend with Survival (bidding a Stamina related trait for the challenge) and cannot Dodge this action.

Experience, Attendance, and Downtimes

You can gain up to 8 experience points per month. 
Attendance: 4xp - You must be in-character a majority of the night
Downtimes: 4xp - See below for details
NPCs: 4xp - NPCs and Inactive PCs earn 4xp per month.

Venue & Cost - The usual venue for the monthly game is the home of one of our storytellers. There is no site fee, so there is no attendance fee. However, voluntary donations are happily accepted. Occasional special events may take place outside of our usual venue, however, which may necessitate an attendance fee.

Costuming - Costuming is mandatory for the 7th Age game. A player has two months to determine a character's costume / appearance. After this period, you will be expected to be in costume at all games and events. Failure or refusal may result in loss of Roleplaying xp. The Storytellers have final say on what is acceptable costuming. If you need aid with costuming, speak with the staff or other players for ideas or suggestions. We are all happy to help! If you are unwilling to dress as your character, this is not the game for you. The 7th Age revolves around high costuming and role-playing, props and theater, not combat or challenges. Challenges and combat are there when it is necessary, but many things can be solved without the use of them.

Downtimes - Use the linked form to submit Downtimes. Downtime actions are due one week after each monthly game. Attendance is not required to submit downtimes. Submissions received by the deadline will be awarded up to 4xp. Submissions received after the deadline will have their maximum xp award reduced by one for each week the submission is late, unless expressly given an extension by a storyteller. The storytellers require time to weave the tale of your interactions before the next session, so downtime responses are sent out the week before game. As a result, no submissions will be accepted in the week leading up to game.

DISCLAIMER: Adult ContentYou must be 18 years old or older to play this game. The 7th Age is a high concept game that covers adult material. Weapon props are acceptable, provided they do not endanger the safety of other players or the venue. Drinking is permitted, provided you are responsible in doing so. Adult-oriented costuming and roleplay is permissible with the consent and comfort of others. Please be respectful of the other players and the venue, and help us to ensure your fellow players abide by this as well. If you abuse ANY of these privileges, you will be asked to leave the game and will no longer be invited to return.