Your Wharrrr! report

Your Wharrrr! report.

-With Jacob Accardo, MD.  Knight in Service to Balor



Bartholomew Roberts & Sir Cernach Methenor



Sent nobles in the form of Gemini and Lennox

-Swift Hovering scout and interdiction craft was an incredible asset.

-Bio-Luminescent Monkey-Fish.  yes.  so cool.  so terrifying.  so in style.


Aranta Shadur

-Sent Khaalid Geedi, Crutch and Thomas Vallery

The Mansur Maram and it’s endless Charm.

Captain Khaalid Geedi and his crew readied for battle on his ship the Mansur Maram. From their advantages height, they easily kept those that challenged the ship at bay. Khaalid’s knowledge, insight, and leadership more than helped keep the Balorites on top within their section of the battlefield.
It was well within the thick of the war when the very sea itself suddenly parted until the crust of the earth was bare and exposed. That was when one of the Rokea’s great Captain’s, the Ivory Hammer, appeared. He gazed upon the Mansur Maram and with a mighty swing brought his hammer down upon the sea floor and breached the very planet.

Khaalid kept his calm and composure even as magma spewed and shot skywards towards his ship. Even though his pilot, Asad Hasan, evaded the brunt of the attack, the ship was still struck and sent plummeting from the sky into the maw of the ocean. The waters were filled with Rokea and started to collapse upon Khaalid and his crew.

Then with a force like a shockwave the Mansur Maram manifested out of thin air on top of the high seas! Khaalid was now within ear shot of the Rokea’s galliard the Great White Black. With charm, charisma and swarthiness he took on this great beast and in mere seconds had the Great White Black commanding all his troops to leave the war.
When all was said and done, Khaalid looked to the Ivory Hammer to follow etiquette and had him swear fealty.

The Story of Knight Vallery, as told by Thomas Vallery.

"Bro, so I was totes on my ship when this giant whirlpool forms under it and dude it was filled with this giant fucking maw with some bitchen teeth. So it starts sucking like a phi kappa beta. My ships goin down through the air as this fucking vacuum beast is pulling the sky down. So I rip the bastards soul out, and you know what? Body keeps goin. It's totally not supposed to do that. So I command this ghost I got floatin around to get back in the body and leave with all its guys and then I slam that bitch back in. I was like totes 3 seconds away from losing my ship, but I totally had it. Bitch swam away with its tail between its legs."


-As expected the King’s Air Guard brought the thunder.

-In addition to strength they provided precision and swiftness of lightning.


Sent Master Engineer, Baroness Calamity Rose.

The Story of the Wrought Iron Rose. As told by Baroness Rose.


"I stood on deck, frying the sharks and bombing the seas,

when beneath the waves I spotted a great beast.

He was a megaladon level shark, a tiger-stripey breed,

and he was aiming for Lord Bart’s flagship at an alarming speed.


I soared over the waves, the battle drowning out my piercing alarm,

I harpooned the mythic giant with my quick steely arms.

I hugged tight, as my playmate pulled me down to his depths,

I had to wonder, just how long I could hold my breath?


I dug into flesh, burrowing with silver for additional pain,

along his massive spine, I tunneled towards his big sharky brain.

I wired him up and began to burn my way through,

Nockering him into a ship seemed like just the thing to do.


I was half-done, nearly completing my work,

when the beast finally loosed me with a big fucking jerk.

I clung to his wound, gripping the tear with my hands,

twirling and twisting in a violent, high-speed, undersea dance.


I finally got bored and called to my friend,

return to the surface and the pain would end.

From beneath the waves, on the beasts head I rose,

triumphant and glorious, in my aphrodite like pose."



-Brought a combination of close combat water based survivalists and competent able crewmen.  

-The Orphan’s Army proved to be a fabulous asset with their trained scouts and sappers with an early strike from within enemy lines.

-Deft command of dispersal and control when biological elements were unleashed on the battlefield, zero friendly casualties.


the Devil’s Triangle

Coyote falls into winter.

A hush comes over التنفس من ذئب البراري - (the)Coyote Breathing, Captain Squire Grandfather Jacob Accardo MD’s personal flagship, the cannon fire ceasing suddenly, along with the drums and song.   Silver, Copper and Gold coins clattered across the deck still, reduced from their previous glory to paltry grape-shot.

"Kneel"  Jacob announced to the ships intruder.  Mako was a ten foot tall hulking goblin shark manbeast lacking the slightest hint of a smile, ((if you have never witnessed a goblin shark, they are pointy nosed and awkward, comedically so, till they bite.   Their jaws distend from their face in an HR.geiger.alien fashion consuming and shredding everything before them, hungry hungry hippo style..)) compared to our Captain, in at about Seven, maybe 6.5 feet((Oh aren’t you generous))… clad in cargo pants and suit jacket with "DOC" printed across the back.  The shark didn’t take too well to this command and decided to test out those jaws.  With amazing speed and might, he bit and tore at the air, each time the teeth almost whistling as they cut through the air.  One of the crews cheers was particularly amusing.  "Little did the shark know, the Doctor is in, Biotch!"  Then after a few more tears at the air, Mako realized his folly and was taken aback.  In the moments that followed, Jacob danced Mako infront of a firing cannon to no effect, having to resort to mid combat surgery.  After several holes were shanked into Mako he entered a.. ‘death rage’ and charged Jacob.  Responding with a tender touch to the sharks grey nose, the rage ended, both Jacob and Mako smiled as the Shark fell back into the water, bleeding out from various shankholes.

Mako appears on deck again a while later and admits that while he has been defeated physically he wishes to challenge "Doc’s" speed and wisdom of the world, suggesting they "race" to the depths of the ocean, where man is forbidden.  Jacob takes a moment looking defiant and almost ready to protest, but stops.  Agrees to Mako’s terms, this for the allegiance of any and all under the Goblin Shark King himself.  Waits three seconds, counting aloud.  Then it was like he was never there.  Time passes and they both return, The Nuwisha Victorious!

Account of the duels between Mako and Captain Accardo.

-First Mate, التنفس من ذئب البراري.

Dreams in Digital, Walker of the Umbral Glass.


-Captain Roberts demonstrated a fine command of the armada and the sea itself throughout the battle, turning the tides at several key points in the battle.

-Admiral Wiley’s Cheerleading affected the Morale of the fleet in positive fashion.


UNification PROClamation

-Swift-Attack Helicopters and Shadowmen brought a good flanking element when contrasted with the rest of Lord Captain Roberts forces.

-Excellent harrying capacity when employed against creatures from/of the deep.



-Their fierce Garou Warriors and Tethered Armored Knights stood tall and were crucial in the ship to ship engagements.  Many thanks to their nobles, sans the Near-Man known as Exitus.



-The 5K they sent was were at the third stage of infection.

-Immediate Quarantine.  

-Notified them at the next court gathering about the issues with their presented troops, was rebuffed with "We will get on it."

--No replacement troops were provided, nor was a pickup of their Quarantined infected.

--Only use for infected deemed "Chum"


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