Winter is Blind

November 18th, 3AM

The silence of the night is broken as alarms go off all across, through and under the mountains of Appalachia. The domain finds itself without warning fulling engaged in a war. The attackers came from within the domain, abyssal creatures pour from the darkest corners, and yet worse is when they come from within the nobles' own shadows. 

The war is short lived, no more than an hour. When the fighting comes to an end and everyone takes a moment to recover and think is when it becomes very clear that this was not an attack. It was a distraction. Once the nobles have secured their land and people is when they begin to inquire about their neighbors. It is not long before news spreads of an attempt made on King Devil Anse Hatfield’s life. No one saw the fight nor truly knows what happened, all that is known is who ever did this was able to fight Devil Anse Hatfield on his own land in his version of endless winter.  

It is clear that there was a fight, but whoever or whatever it was left no trace of themselves. The king of Appalachia survived the skirmish, but has been struck blind with a single blow to the face damaging both his eyes, and all of his teeth have been ripped out.