Of Kings and Pawns

The day of November the 22nd is nothing of note.  Life seems to pass as normal.  Will-workers  of all kinds attend classes, warriors perform their daily routines, noble artists ply their craft just as any other day.  When night comes is a full war joins it.  Abyssal creatures and nobles of all size fall from the sky.  A Scar is cut between worlds and is held open by King Nul of Aether above the domain from within its spiritual boundaries.  Every part of Deus finds itself fully engaged in war.  

Onyx and his gargoyles that protect the surface take to the sky met by impossible creatures preventing them from sacking the Scar.  The geofront under Deus turns on its own as every shadow comes to life assailing its owner. The wards in place across the city buy some time to prepare a battle of powerful arcane magics.  Words fail to retell the story of this tragic day.  The City Father takes to the sky to defend his city.  It becomes clear that Nul would quicker turn this spirit to his own ends than destroy it.  City Father, knowing he cannot win that battle, falls back to the city below and attacks waves of smaller entities.  The Amo A Deus takes to the streets in force using all of their power and training to hold back the Abyssal Demons lead by a cabal of mad mages.  The Methuselahs make their way into the battle.  Even their terrifying power is held at bay by the sheer amount of abyssal forces attacking en masse.  

Finally, the lich lord, Damien Vryce, King of Ordo Trismegistus, shows his face and makes his way to the upper city to take on Nul personally.  As Vryce unleashes all his cunning and might on Nul his body mends itself or reforms in a different shadow each time.  Nul gives a small grin and says, “I will take back that which you took from my home, Damien!”  Nul releases a spell waiting from the end of time.  Vryce’s shadow steps out from behind him and fully takes his form.  Before either Nul or Vryce can move another shadow drops from the sky and pulls away the shadow Vryce.  Nul looks at him again and says, “Tell me, lich, how does it feel to be damned once again!?”  Vryce takes to the offensive and lands several strikes against Nul.  Before he fades into the shadows above Nul makes two sweeping moves against the swords that Vryce wields disenchanting them both.  After Nul is gone the Scar closes, his war is won.  Vryce, knowing his might was no match, returns to seclusion beneath the city.  It is clear that something happened to their king, though none know what.  Vryce refuses all audiences.  He knows this war was no war at all.  It was a game of pawns and he, their king, was dancing in the dark.