Curse of Darkness

The city of New Orleans knows very little in the way of peace, so when it came to war on the streets no one even knew it was war until almost a half hour into the war. The streets have become alive as shadows are set free from hosts. The shadows lash out at anyone around but very few people seem to care or do anything about it. The city guards starts to take to the street and put back the order in chaos. The city seems to not care it is under attack until Lucien takes an interest in this outbreak, only noticed due to the oaths he holds. He finds that the streets are just a ploy to keep them busy. Lucien makes his way to the maze of catacombs below his city. Shortly after entering the catacombs below something happens to the Laughing Lord that has never happened to him before, he is lost. He starts to use all sorts of gifts from his dark soul and gift that he has picked up from others to find his way. They take him no where, he is No Where.  When he comes to that understanding is when his own shadow comes out from behind him. “Yes, very good. You understand that you are ‘No Where’, does that worry you?” Nul laughs out loud. The Laughing Lord does not seem amused in the least bit, it is clear he is angry with the cards that fate has dealt to him.  “ Well don’t worry the catacombs are now a Labyrinth to Oblivion. I will keep your seat safe. I took a seat from Domain of the Dead and they have fallen” he laughs out loud in the face of the lord again, “Now I will take a seat from you and watch you both fall together!” Luchian strikes out at Nul and with that the show dissipates into smoke. leaving the Laughing Lord alone to wander the labyrinth for eternity.