And So It Began

Across all of Empyrean Dysambigua, the night of November 22nd will not soon be forgotten.  It began a night like any other.  Anthelios’ judgemental gaze had passed below the horizon.  Lilith hung low in the sky, her red light illuminating the faithful.  The Eye of the King shining bright red in the northwestern sky.  The Cycle in the phase of Bear in the eastern sky.  Odin beginning his nightly journey across the Path of stars that ines the sky east to west.  And the Pirate in the south locked in battle...  A battle that he seems to be losing as the southernmost stars in his constellation no longer shine, swallowed by the void.  In Vancouver, Xavier Hood is pensive, a great worry on his face.  The body of beric is... missing.  The first to be questioned is Thoros Blackhaven.  But he has no clue as to why.  Jack Matlock is sent out to alert Sigfreid... something very dire is about to happen. 

Valeria Perpetua takes a brief moment to look out the windows of the vaults she keeps safe.  She cannot believe her eyes.  She watches as the stars are swallowed.  The void that was licking the Pirate’s boots now crept across the sky.  First the Pirate drowns in it.  Then the path is shrouded.  Odin halts his sojourn and disappears.  The cycle disappears.  And the Eye of the King closes.  Finally, the light of Lilith dims and fades.  A blanket of darkness, cold and unfeeling covers the night sky.  Vancouver was once again the Domain of Eternal Night.  Sigfreid knew what this meant... the gift given to them had somehow failed, the war had begun.

Soon the horns were blown and alerts went off throughout the entire domain.  As the skies darkened Cardinal David readied the Ashen Knights and rode out to meet Sigfreid knowing what battle was to come.  Alphonse, leader of the Sept of Eternal Glory, warned by his theurges of the spiritual barriers being broken, readied his sept for battle to defend the Caern and Seattle.  Xavier Hood gathered the Mystics, those who kept what inhabited the deceased Raphael de Corazon and now inhabits Beric at bay.  He too lead them across the Salish Sea to the isle of Anacortes in Padilla Bay to meet with Sigfreid and David.  As the territory prepared for war screams of terror filled the air.  The Fae of Vancouver were fleeing...  Sigfreid, David, and Xavier met at the sound and crossed on ships that have been prepared for this day.  As they boarded they could see darkness pouring from the island to the east of them.  The sound of the world blistering open shot across the water.  Black poured out across the bay as blood gushing from an open wound.  It had begun.

 Sigfreid lead the armies of Vancouver onto Anacortez island expecting to meet the forces of Aether head on... but there was nothing to be found.  Cautiously they entered the zone of pure darkness.  They could feel their will being sapped the further they went in.  Finally, they came to a place on the island, a fortification of dark twisted stone.  They battered down the gates expecting to be met by legions of abyssal demons, but none appeared.  Xavier and his mystics exerted all of their efforts to push the darkness back through the scar.  Their rituals had no effect.  David and his knights called upon their faith... but their faith was not answered here.  Inside the citadel there was but one being, the Collector, and he greeted them with a smile.

 “Welcome to the Kingdom of Aether, guests.  Our gates are open for yours who seek the truth.  We have come here to put to right that which the flesh has twisted.  But, as emissary, do not let it be said I am inhospitable.”  He bows slightly in reverence to Sigfreid, “I have made certain the items lost that you seek can be found... through me.  You have come for a battle?  Let me assure you, the battle has already been won.”

With that darkness swirled around Sigfreid and his comrades rising in a fever pitch.  Quickly they found themselves outside of the scar made solid at their ships.  They knew then that this battle was lost before it had begun.  They boarded the ships back to Vancouver and Victoria.  As the days passed they fortified their positions and a cold war set in.  They did not have the power to remove the Scar from Anacortes.  They could not keep the Fae in their realm any longer.  Nul had delivered them a blow they would not recover from.  At least their Fae brethren could find safe havens in other parts of their kingdom.  Sigfreid made certain Lord Bistri would see to it.