A Road to Nowhere

November 18th marks a day in history that Syler Veselov shall not forget anytime soon. It is around 3 am when the peace in Underfoot comes to an end for the night. Word spreads that a small group of Abyssal entities have made its way into the city. They have no form and seem to keep jumping from form shadow to shadow, they also seem to be taking people's shadows. The battle last for all of a few moments. When the threat passes is when you feel off and uneasy as if the world has just become a smaller place... or, for Veselov, much larger... as if the arms of oblivion and all of nothingness just reached out and embraced him lovingly. It leaves him wanting for the warmth of his freehold.  

Once at his freehold is when he notices that the windows he used to watch through are gone, some silver cords are missing… no... they are cut.  He frantically searches all of his cords, as the Ravager of Roads it takes him but only a moment to decipher. After careful examination it is clear that all of the cords were cut within seconds of one another. All of his doors in Dischordia are open, but only one remains leading to Europe. As he looks through that window, Nul stands on the other side looking back. He tosses a mammoth bone onto the trod and cuts the cord. On the floor before him is the Mammoth Bone that he buried so long ago in Vancouver, as well as a chess piece - a Red King - attached to a note, “True winter is here.”  In the next instant, Nul is gone, but the trod is black from the touch of his presence.