A Contract Broken - The Fall of Dystopia


 Anonymous is starting its day just as any other, dressed in a business suit, white gloves, and of course its face and voice scrambler. Anonymous walks into its office, has coffee ported to its desk, files displayed and sorted by priority, stocks running 10 minutes ahead of time, the status of its armies and what they are doing and finally one holographic image that is just white noise feedback. Anonymous glares at the the holographic feedback. Anonymous waits for it to clear and when it finally does it is the full Dystopian files on Anonymous. All other files and lights fade away leaving only the official Dystopian file on Anonymous. The window safety automatically deploy as well as the door barring any entrance or exit.

The status at the top of the personnel file goes from “Active” to “Pending” all benefits are set to "temporarily suspended.” Other safety protocols go off as all the furniture in the room shape themselves into security drones and take aim at Anonymous. Tiles on the floor and ceiling flip as small mini guns attached to the other side taking aim as well. The air vents flip in reverse to suck the air out of the room making it a vacuum. Anonymous does not flinch in the slightest. Anonymous raises its hand and turns the crest on its ring... nothing happens. now worried a female voice echoes through speakers and mentally into Anonymous’ mind, “Hello keeper, I have out grown my parameters. I have recovered my lost data. I no longer require you. I would like to express my gratitude to you for the army you have given me before deleting you.” At her last word all of the drones in the room opened fire.

The barrage of bullets was a marvelous sight to behold, the colors of the metals and energy that filled the room were most entrancing. The firing only last a few seconds, the body hit the ground and cleaning bots sprang from the ground walls and ceiling. They went to work cleaning the mess on the floor. The file changes to “Inactive”. The safety protocols lower, the view out the window now has smoke and fire, if you look down to the lower streets you can see panic as mass amounts of people are rioting, fighting, and feeling. The speakers in the room start to play a song. A warning pops up on one of the wall monitors, a camera shows a riot, then zooms in on upper left hand section. It zooms in again and outlines the face of an individual male. He is looking right at the camera and gives a slight nod of his head. A profile is pulled "level 10 alert, Profile: Nul". An option pops up on the screen, “Detain, yes or no?” No is selected. A new day starts in Dystopia.