Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke


OATH PRESCRIBED BY ACT OF SAMHAIN on the eve of the eighth great maelstrom, year of the black sun 286, month of the Scorpion. The kingdom of Discord, Chaos, and Nightmare along with the Lands of Unity, Order, and Purgatory being equally desirous that the war in which they were successively involved directly or indirectly and which originated in the declaration of war by Discordian knights and nobles versus Carpathia, the declaration of war by Lazarus’s empire versus all living and undead creatures under Balorian banners, and the invasion of the spirit realms by multiple parties, should be replaced by a firm and durable peace,
For this purpose the High Contracting Parties represented as follows:

THE High-King Balor, Harbinger of Anthelios, Lord of Three Hundred and Sixty Five Thousand Nights, The One-Eyed Fomorian, Lord over the 417th Layer of the Forgotten Abyss, the False King and Stealer of Names, Guardian of the last Twinkie, and the Soul Stitched Sluagh - [REDACTED FOR SECURITY]

LAZARUS of Bethany, Saint Lazarus, The First Lich, Walker of the Four Day Dream, Pope of the Church of Unification, Slayer of Mammon, Ruler of Purgatory, Lord of Hades, The Ferryman’s King, God of The Eternal Pantheon and formerly known as [REDACTED FOR SECURITY]

AMATERASU, Ohirume-no-muchi-no-kami, Solar Goddess of the Jade Kingdom, Bringer of Law, Sister to Night, Creator the Three Regalia, Mother of the Jade Emperor Su Jin, Oracle of Heaven, Mother to Arcadia, Flayer of Beasts, Creator of The Voice, and mortally known as [REDACTED FOR SECURITY]

EMPEROR Kayeel, God of Souls, Binder of Essence, Lord of Names. Breaker of Worlds, Bringer of Demons, The Many Sided God, Imprisoned by Set, Bound by Hermes Trismegistus, The Spirit King and Supreme Incarne, Binder of the Negative Soul, Half In, Half Out Djinn.

THE Children of the Stars present a fifth impartial element as a binding entity, the Emperor of Gods, Being of Light, Creator of Planes, The Nothing, The Alpha, The Omega, The Mourning Star, the Glory of the Creator, King of Pride - Lord Ao also known as [REDACTED FOR SECURITY]

The High Contracting Parties,
In order to promote international and cross-dimensional co-operation and achieve peace and security,
By the acceptance of obligations not to resort to war,
By the prescription of open, just, and honorable relations between religions and nations,
By the firm establishment of the understandings of international law as the actual rule of conduct among Empires,
By the enforcement of the Sanctum for all violations of agreed upon terms below
By the laws of pacting and oversight by divine entities named within,
By the blessing of the Lady of Fate, and her Champion [Redacted] with six by six treaties voted upon thrice and paid back three hundred fold.
By the maintenance of justice and scrupulous respect for all treaty obligations in the dealings of organized beings with one another,

Agree to this Covenant of Maelstrom’s Rebuke.

Article 1 - Ceasefire

  • The return of all nobles, captured by any party, during war between Dischorida and the Lazarus Empire between 285 and 286. 
  • Dischordia and all Balorian allied parties to withdraw all forces from the tattered continent of Europe and relinquishes all occupied land.
  • The usage of necromancy or other means to control and bind the few remaining souls trapped in Purgatory is forbidden by all but members of the Death Lords and their agents. All souls shall be recycled upon death and re-entered into the wheel again once they are processed and judged based on the conditions of their death.

Article 2 - Dischordian

  • All islands of Bermuda seized by any party shall be returned to their prior kingdom. Remaining European Nobles agree to pay reparations for the destruction of the Devil’s Triangle in the form of all construction costs and materials to rebuild the Triangle. Additionally, never again shall any oath sworn member of the True Devil’s Triangle be barred from any port in any nation.
  • Vienna, the Council of Creoris, and all attached realms, libraries, clan members, revenants, and creatures around the world are now sworn and annexed by Ordo Trismegistus.
  • Lazarus relinquishes control of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean to the Sultanate of Glass.

Article 3 - Lazarean

  • Arthur Pendragon shall become ruler of his own independent kingdom in Britannia.
  • The Vatican City shall become the seat of the European Alliance ruled by the governing council called The Children of the Stars with the Thirteenth Lord at its helm.
  • The German City States and the Black Forest shall become their own sovereign state under Willhelm of Berlin. Hamburg is returned to Germany from the Wolves of the North for a fee of 20 permanent resources.
  • All held territory and captives are returned to Carpathia and it remains within the European Alliance. 
  • Russia becomes an independent kingdom with control of the Nightmare Lands.

Article 4 - Children of The Thousand Years

  • The Court of Empires is disbanded in its current form, and all kingdoms, including the Kingdom of Aether shall be welcome at future gatherings of kingdoms. 
  • All shapeshifters and creatures wearing the skin of beasts shall resume the hunt against the unnatural taint of The Corruptor and restore balance back to this world.
  • The Sept of the Bat in Papua New Guinea shall be an International Court of Shifters open to the world and Port Moresby will be a place allowed for beings of all kinds to gather and seek wisdom from the Sept of the Bat.