Oath of Adoption

As the sea to the river, as the tree to the seed, as the mountain to the stone, so do I now recognize you to me.
From this day forward, you are of my blood, of my family, and of my hold.
I swear to offer you my wisdom, my love and my regard, for you will carry my name and my memory when I am no more.
Should I abandon you, I abandon myself. It fills my heart to call you son/daughter.

As the river to the sea, as the seed to the tree, as the stone to the mountain, so do I now recognize myself in you.
From this day forward, I am of your blood, your family, and your hold.
I swear to offer my respect, my devotion and my love, for you offer me a home where I have none.
Should I abandon you, I consign myself to loneliness. It fills my heart to call you mother/father.

This oath, once known only to the trolls, is gaining popularity as many changelings, especially runaway childlings and wilders, seek a sense of family in the enchanted world, and grumps look to the young to carry on their heritage. This oath ranks next to the Oath of the Clasped Hands as the deepest personal bond a changeling can have for Truehearts and the Oath of another, for the two oathkeepers are truly considered parent and child from the swearing of the oath onward. There are no special benefits or penalties derived from swearing this oath, outside of those qualities one normally receives from a family, which makes this oath possibly greater than any other oath imaginable. Those who break this oath are considered among the most vile beings in the world, and they are scorned and shunned without mercy or relent.