Oath of the Undoing

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
No slight shall go unnoticed, no wound unavenged.
I shall hunt my undying enemy, [name of enemy], to the four corners of the Earth,
and I shall not rest until either I or my enemy is fully Undone.

I shall do everything in my power to reduce my enemy to nothing and to less than nothing, with a keen cold iron blade.

Though superficially similar to the Oath of Crossed Blades, this foul and forbidden oath is much more serious than that, for while the Oath of Crossed Blades calls merely for bitter rivalry, this oath demands the final death of another fae. The oath is, in fact, one of the easiest ways Banality seduces fae into becoming Dauntain, the hated hunters of all things faerie, and many a tragic tale is told of those who swore this oath in the heat of passion and became trapped in lives of apathy and misery, regretting their swearing to the end but too honor-bound to turn from the path they had chosen. Fortunately, this oath is not widely known, though it sometimes seems to come - unlearned and unbidden - to the lips of many enraged wilders.

A changeling attempting to swear this oath must immediately enter a Static Challenge of his Glamour against his Banality; success means he feels the dread consequences of this oath and may break it off if he wishes. Failure, or a willful ignorance of the warning signs, means the changeling completes the oath, and immediately gains a permanent Trait of Banality as a result. If the oath is broken, a permanent Willpower Trait is lost; if it is fulfilled, another permanent Banality Trait is gained. This is indeed a terrible oath, and most likely not one a player will ever utter, unless he deliberately chooses the dark fate of the Dauntain for his character.