Oath of Crossed Blades

Where two stand, there will be one.
I swear enmity unto thee until the setting of the last sun.
May my heart cease to beat and my hand lose its strength should ever I show favor to thee,
As the bones of the earth are my witness.

This oath is generally only sworn by trolls and sidhe, as the other fae consider announcing such black feelings counterproductive to their intentions. This oath remains a way to lay everything out on the table in the sometimes confusing world of fae politics. In addition, there is just something inherently stylish to swearing eternal hatred, and obviously (though not always) this oath can be sworn by two fae in conjunction. Those who do swear the Oath of Crossed Blades trade a temporary Willpower Trait for a temporary Glamour Trait, and are one Trait up on all challenges to oppose their hated foe directly. (Of course, if the oath is sworn together, this advantage is somewhat nullified). Should the oath be broken, a permanent Willpower Trait is lost and a pair of matching scars, akin to those left by a rapier’s point, appear on the face of the oathbreaker, which cannot be healed by any kind of Glamour.