Oath of Truth

Although it may bring tears or sorrow, burning rage or silent hatred, let the veil be lifted now.
Let all see clearly and know in their hearts, that this I do speak without deceit or duplicity,
but plainly and honestly as best I know how.

This I do pledge: I shall speak the truth.

On the opposite end of the Oath of Silence, this oath is used when it is necessary to convince another of one’s complete and total honesty on a particular matter; it is most often employed in Kithain courts as their equivalent of swearing on the Bible, though it occasionally sees use in more personal matters. While it is understood when used in an official context, most fae dislike being asked to swear it any more than absolutely necessary, and some even consider it an insult to their personal honor to be asked for this oath by someone they are close to, as in many instances it is tantamount to accusing them of duplicity. Those under this oath must tell the truth as they know it about the subject in question - no willful falsehood is possible. Those who break the oath by lying gain a permanent Banality Trait, and are drained of Glamour until next sunrise or sunset (whichever comes first). The oath lasts until broken with a lie, or until released from the oath by the individual to whom it was sworn.