Oath of Silence

I do pledge this day, with heart, mind and soul, that I will never betray this confidence.
Until the stones have crumbled unto dust,
and the sea fallen a hundred thousand thousand times from the thundering heavens, this long will I remain silent.

When the last star flares and fades in the night sky,
leaving naught but blackness and this world is but a dream once more,
this long will I keep my word.

If something absolutely has to be kept secret, most Kithain use this oath or a variation on it - the dire consequences of its breaking are typically more than enough to deter others from spilling their guts. A Kithain must spend a permanent Willpower Trait to voluntarily break the confidence they are entrusted with; this penalty does not apply if the secret is somehow wrenched from the target by torture, telepathy or other situations of duress. Those who voluntarily break the oath also gain a permanent Banality as a mark of their indiscretion.