Oath of the Long Road

I swear that I shall [nature of quest undertaken], or lose my etiquette,
that I shall [nature of quest] or lay down my sword,
that I shall [nature of quest] or Dream no more.
You and the sky my witnesses, so mote it be.

The Oath of the Long Road is the most potent of the oaths known to most fae, and it is usually sanctified by some small but significant personal sacrifice on the part of the oath maker and any witnesses present. It is always spoken in front of one, or preferably three, witnesses. The oath maker receives a free permanent Willpower and Glamour Trait, but the consequences of failure are most dire. Simple failure of the quest causes the loss of three Willpower and Glamour Traits, one of each permanently. Abandoning the quest altogether strips the oathbreaker of all temporary Willpower and Glamour Traits and a permanent Willpower Trait, and gives the oathbreaker two permanent Banality Traits.