Oath of Escheat

I take you as my vassal.
You are of my house, even as the very stones.
I pledge to hold you, guard you, and to keep you.
I pledge to honor your service as it deserves, and to reward loyalty in kind.
As the moon to the seas below, my will to yours, I pledge the Escheat to you.

With this oath, a noble formally accepts another fae as her vassal. This oath is commonly spoken in conjunction with the Oath of Fealty, but not always. When the oath's words are spoken, the speaker loses a temporary Glamour Trait, and a chimerical gold coin, stamped with her likeness, appears in her hand. The oath is not actually binding until the oath maker offers, and the proposed vassal accepts, this token. Failure to abide by the terms of this oath indicates a fall from true fae honor, and gives the oathbreaker a permanent Banality Trait. However, any fae bound by (and holding to) the terms of this oath, even if only to one vassal, regains a temporary Willpower Trait at the end of every week.