Samhain (October 31st)

A night of dark revelry and the other highest festival of the year, Samhain honors the spirits of the dead and teaches all to embrace their Unseelie side, if only for a night. Forbidden passions are expressed, hidden lore brought to light and prophecies of the coming year are made.

Traditions: Masquerade balls. Scary story contests. Prophecy rituals. Seances.
7th Age Court: This holiday is the most sacred of Unseelie celebrations. Anything goes for one night only, for once you awaken from Samhain, you have no memory of what happened the night before. Many Dischordians attempt to keep notes or retain surveillance from the evening, but a true Unseelie never taints the sanctity of the holiday. Truly important events may be remembered in pieces as fuzzy unfamiliar thoughts. It is a night of masquerade balls and revelation of dark secrets held in the heart of all.
Game Date: Observed on the First Saturday of every November. It is the last courtly holiday of the year. This holiday is ALWAYS hosted by the Imperials. It is the High Holiday of the Unseelie Fae.