Pennons (October 4th)

A celebration of the military might and history of the Kithain, the Warrior’s Holiday is a chance for brave fae to prove their worth and vie for prizes in all manner of competitions. It is also a favorite with many craftsmen, who bring their wares to sell at these huge festivals.

Traditions: Martial tournaments. Mock combats. Duels. Bardic contests. Displays of craftsmanship. Warrior memorials. Oaths of fealty, particularly for knights.
7th Age Court: This holiday sees Dischordians join banners and prove their martial worth to prospective lords. The courts see many contests these nights, whether they be of wits or of brawn. This is the most common night that Balor’s Jester, the Champion of Balor, the Imperial Smith, and the Imperial Thief are issued challenges to have their appointments taken by another worthy opponent.
Game Date: Observed on the First Saturday of every October. Whoever wins September court will host Pennons.