Other Holidays

Though many of these holidays are observed, they are celebrated at the homes and freeholds of local lords. You will not see these holidays celebrated at Imperial Court.

A time when communities would assess their provisions to see if they’d last through the winter, the fae celebrate their Glamour in the face of Banality; if Glamour is plentiful, it is cause for great merriment, but if not it is a time for somber reflection.

Traditions: Telling stories of times past. Renewing commitments.

As another date balanced between light and shadow, the Vernal Equinox is the first of three spring celebrations of the Kithain, and most favored by grumps for its quiet contemplation of the possibilities of new life in the coming seasons, so close to the winter just passed.

Traditions: Lighting ceremonial candles.

An informal yet merry festival, this is the second of the three spring ceremonies of the fae, and the one childlings most enjoy. It is a time of innocence and creativity, where the purity of new life is recalled.

Traditions: Weaving garlands from grasses and flowers. Morris dancing.

Aside from taking in (or staging) a production of the delightful play that borrowed its name from this holiday, whenever possible, this is a time for the Seelie to celebrate their power, and grant favors to those in need.

Traditions: Granting boons. Taking on quests. Recognizing new Seelie fae.

Timed to take place at the hottest part of the season, this holiday is a time of great merriment and spontaneity, feeding off the “heat dreams” of mortals; it is especially sacred to the pooka, who refer to it as “Pranksgiving” and who compete to craft the greatest practical joke or jest.

Traditions: Pranking contests (pooka and non-pooka alike). Musing contests.

The second day of balance, this time the shift is away from light into shadow, and as such is a favorite rite of Unseelie grumps, who use this day to plan the coming winter months.

Traditions: Lighting ceremonial candles.

Treasured by the Unseelie, this commoner festival mostly mocks the failed revolutionary yet also serves to remind the nobles that the commoners remember what royal injustices lit his proverbial fuse.

Traditions: Costume dramas. Light shows and fireworks.

Also celebrated as the Winter Solstice, this longest night of the year is a night for the Unseelie to revel in their power and grant “gifts” to those they favor. Many Kithain have adopted similar rituals to the Christian Christmas ceremony and will exchange gifts both Glamourous and mundane in defiance of the darkness and chill in the air around them.

Traditions: Gift exchanges. Reflections on the year gone past. Recognizing new Unseelie fae.