Lughnasa (August 1st)

A festival of tasting the first fruits of the harvest, this used to mark the last great Seelie celebration of the year, where the sweet fruits of the spring and summer are savored for their contrast to the coming cold months. It was also a celebration of the sun. Now, the sun is dead and in Dischordia this is a mockery of Lugh. Foods are made in jest to be the most foul possible to see if you can dare others to eat them - this addition makes the holiday very popular among Sluagh. Songs are sung that mock the sun for its arrogance and praise for Anthelios is given.

Traditions: Foul baking and cooking contests. Feasts. Release from quests.
7th Age Court: This holiday is commonly used in Dischordia for Oaths of Accepted Burden or Oaths of the Long Road to give an end date to a specific quest. If the oath is not completed by then, any of the oath breakers enter the arena of battle and fight until only one stands. Those who have kept their oaths feast and watch as those who did not fight. The winner gets to join the feast and their breach is forgiven. The rest are doomed to famine and none may share their harvest with them that night as they are unworthy. They must eat the Foul Feast!
Game Date: Observed on the First Saturday of every August. Whoever wins July court will host Lughnasa.