Beltane (May 2nd)

The third spring rite and one of the two greatest Kithain ceremonies of the year, Beltane is a nighttime fertility festival and belongs almost entirely to the wilders. In old times, the Seelie court would take over from the Unseelie at this time, and it is still a time of warmth and vitality. Violence is prohibited on Beltaine by sacred law and love rules the night.

Traditions: Singing, dancing, jesting, wooing and other amorous arts. Many freeholds even hold kissing or wooing contests, to crown a “Greatest Lover.” This is a traditional day for faerie weddings.
7th Age Court: This holiday is known for darker carnal pleasures and public expressions of love and lust in Dischordia. At court it is no different. After the weddings have commenced the evening courts put the lovers to the test. The one crowned “Greatest Lover” will have proven themselves throughout the night and is expected to have their title challenged at Beltane the following year. Rarely does the same being retain such an honorific title.
Game Date: Observed on the First Saturday of every May. Whoever wins April court will host Beltaine.