Carnival (February 28th)

One of the wildest parties of the Kithain year, this frenzied celebration celebrates a new year, as well as unity between noble and commoner. Traditional roles are reversed, and everyone gets a little bit crazy. The next morning all returns to normal, hopefully with everyone a little wiser for it.

Traditions: A mortal is elected King or Queen of Carnival, while the current ruler becomes a jester, lowest of the low. For one night, the mortal (typically one heady with drink and/or Glamour) is absolute ruler, while the jester is heaped with abuse and ridicule. Carnival has three laws: There can be no revenge for any word spoken or deed done, including by or to the jester; all are welcome and safe, with punishment for violation of this rule decided by the King or Queen; and let merriment reign!
7th Age Court: This holiday tends to see enemies up turned and if one happens to be without title by this point, they are the king or queen, and subject to all that entails by the court. This highest titled individual is the Court Jester subject to the abuse of all and the lowest titled individual (usually one without title) become the king or queen of Carnival. Unseelie Carnival ends in the sacrifice of the King or Queen at the end of the night for all to feast on the Glamour provided by the festivities.
Game Date: Observed on the First Saturday of every March. Whoever wins December court hosts Carnival.