Vechnyy Uzhas

Domain Summary

This is an NPC Only Kingdom

When the outer realms merged with the physical plane, the Deep Dreaming settled over the arctic circle, bringing with it creatures from humanity’s deepest nightmares. Chthonic beings of pure nightmare reside here, as do those who have fallen so deeply into their own twisted madness that they have found their way here. Marauders, Abominations, and twisted Thallain call this land home. One thing is certain, the nightmare Lands remain a place of terror to any who enter, and few remain for long with their sanity intact.

Dominant Races

Fae, Mages, Vampires, and Shifters - Abominations, Marauders, etc. require ST approval

Politics & NPCs

Little is known about this kingdom of nightmares - even from those that reside here. There isn’t much in the way of internal politics in the Nightmare Lands. There is no hierarchy or organization, save that Rasputin rules this land, with Baba Yaga by his side.

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Iron LotusStygian Alliance


AvalonJade Empire

Kingdom Views


Aether - We know things wait in darkness... nightmares of what came before... things even nightmares fear. Are they beginning, or end? Is the end the end, or just another beginning? 

Avalon - The Pendragon thinks himself better than us. But we, the nightmares, see the cracks forming in his House built by the Children of Danu. The nightmares will rise and his house will crumble. All of the world will be covered in icy grip of winter. 

Aztlan - Amateurs! They cling to cliche horror. Skinning people and cutting out their hearts is good start. But if keep doing same old thing, people get used to it. Keep them guessing to inspire real fear.

Diamond Congo - Those gems they had were such delicious nightmares; torture on a scale impressive even to us. It is pity they did away with them.

Dischordia - They claim to be Nightmares, led by legendary Fomorian King... They have done nightmarish things, but most of their nobles try so hard to cling to dreams. 

German Free States - We have little opinion of these little scattered morsels.

Iron Lotus - Kali is truly creature of nightmare. They claim she is what the darkness fears. We do not know if is true, but is good story, no?

Jade Empire - They kill the things they feared the most, then they bring back same old Golden Sun and Silver Moon from when the world was "safe." Say what you will about the devil kings, they knew how to have good time.

Jukurrpa - The Dreamtime doesn’t discriminate between dreams and nightmares, and welcomes both with same reverence. We hold no grudge with them.

Stygian Alliance - When enough people are afraid of same thing, it carves it's own little territory in the Dreaming and nightmare grows. Billions of people, alive and dead, terrified of the unknown all-devouring Oblivion... So much delicious fear.

Ukhu Amarumaya - An empire full of those betrayed, murdered, and wiped out only to come back after a few hundred years? They are ripe for the plucking.

Umbral Realms

  • Low Umbra - Shroud 5
  • Middle Umbra - Gauntlet 5 (Battleground, Atrocity Realm - Gauntlet 5, Flux, Hy-Brasil - Gauntlet 2)
  • Dreaming - Mists 0 (Far Dreaming, Deep Dreaming - Mists 0) / Banality 0
  • High Umbra - Periphery 5

Historical Information