Foreign Relations

Aether (Enemy)

Dischordia and the Kingdom of Aether have been enemies for centuries. Aether's declaration of war during the Foundation Era culminated in the War of Aether centuries later. Every kingdom, domain, and noble lost much during that conflict. Resurgences of conflict have cropped up from time to time, most recently near the end of the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke. In the Treaty of the same name, the Aether was welcomed into the Court of Empires. While this development has lessened the hostility somewhat, the two kingdoms are still mistrustful of one another. Many Dischordians fear and hate the Aether's self-proclaimed desire to bring an end to all things. Yet claims have surfaced that Balor's nature makes him no better.


Avalon (Enemy)

Avalon's hatred for Dischordia dates back to times of legend. The Tuatha de Danaan and the children of Arcadia defeated and imprisoned the Fomorians. Arthur Pendragon is a scion of House Danaan, and Balor a Fomorian King and the destroyer of Arcadia. Their hatred of one another is as powerful as it is inevitable. Only one thread of diplomacy exists between the two kingdoms. During the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke, Princess Myrum Scathach of Dischordia aided Avalon. Princess Scathach fought alongside the Pendragon to drive the Aether from Avalon's shores.


Aztlan (Enemy)

Aztlan and Dischordia have always been contentious neighbors. In the first year of Balor's Reign, the Aztlan domain of Xibalba attacked the Valley of the King. In doing so, they marched an army across Dischordian borders. The New Faith intervened on Pascal's behalf, defeating the Xibalban forces. When Pascal joined Dischordia, Aztlan's hatred only grew.

Relations were further complicated in the Surveyor's era. In their pursuit of territory, Appalachia seized Juarez from Xibalba. This city remained a contested territory for decades, changing hands several times.

During the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke, Pascal offered his life to placate Aztlan. Through his sacrifice, Pascal ascended to godhood, denying Aztlan's vengeance against him. In the final treaty to end the war, Aztlan was willing to acknowledge Pascal's divinity. Their proposal was struck from the final treaty, and animosity remained.


Diamond Congo (Friendly?)

During the early years of the Court of Empires, the Diamond Congo recognized Dischordia's strength. When Dischordia aided the Diamond in freeing many of their ancestral spirits from eternal torment, that respect grew into an alliance. Though the two kingdoms are friendly with one another, it is not a strong bond. The Diamond's leadership has changed three times within two years, and with each regime change the diplomacy must begin anew. Due to the insular nature of their new king, none know what to expect.



Dischordia may try to present a unified front to the Court of Empires, but the kingdom is far from cohesive. In many ways, Dischordia's diversity is its greatest strength. In others, it is its greatest weakness. Dischordia is chaotic, and each domain has its own internal alliances and enemies. Some of the animosities have existed for centuries. Their hatred of one another runs deep and, were it not for the Imperials, might threaten to tear the kingdom apart. Still, the domains seem willing to put aside their differences to face external threats together.


German Free States (Neutral, Unfriendly)

Originally part of Lazarus' Empire, Germany faced the fury of the Wolves of the North during the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke. Despite their losses, they managed to capture and kill the Wolves' general. By all accounts, the German States and Dischordia should be enemies, but their courage during the war earned Odin's begrudging respect. When the war ended, they gained their independence as a result of the Treaty of Maelstrom's Rebuke, a matter for which Prince Wilhelm owes some gratitude to Dischordia. For now, neither kingdom seems eager to rekindle the conflict.


Iron Lotus (Enemy)

The Iron Lotus began their relationship with Dischordia on shaky footing. The open hatred between the Iron Lotus and the Jade Empire, has led to some diplomatic complications. Dischordia, naturally, backed their allies in the Jade, and created a rift with the Lotus even before the first visit of their Ambassador. The Ambassador's first visit to the Court of Empires was further marred by accusations of theft and destruction of High King Balors property. This culminated in Dischordia banishing the Iron Lotus from the Court of Empires. Shortly following this incident, the Lotus Ambassador disappeared. The Iron Lotus blamed Dischordia for this, but could not prove it.


Jade Empire (Allied)

The Jade Empire and Dischordia have always been close, though not always allies. It is known that Tao no Shih, a fae from the Jade Empire, was sent to assassinate Balor. Balor spared his life, Tao no Shih became the first Voice of Balor, and the bridge between the two kingdoms. Through constant diplomacy, the two have grown to be close allies, and yet each knows that their respective visions for the future cannot coexist. It is only a matter of time before their differences shatter their alliance. Neither kingdom lookings forward to the inevitable conflict.


Jukurrpa (Allied)

Dischordia and Jukurrpa have gotten along well since their first introduction. Through Dischordia's aid, Jukurrpa was able to drive the Aether off the island of Papua New Guinea and reclaim a powerful Caern. There was a time when it seemed that Jukurrpa would join Dischordia as a domain, but a prophetic warning maintained their independence. That has not prevented the two kingdoms from strengthening their ties to one another. With Dischordia's help, that Caern was named as an international court for Shifters of all nations.


Stygian Alliance (Neutral, Unfriendly)

Few kingdoms have as long a history of contention as Dischordia and the Stygian Alliance. Before either kingdom had a name, the two were at war. Balor, and the domains which became Dischordia, fought Lazarus' legions of the dead. Throughout the Founder's Era, the two traded threats and contested one another for conquests. During the War of Aether, the two came together against a common enemy. That cooperation was shattered during the Court of Empires. When Dischordia attacked the Lazarean domain of Carpathia, it sparked the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke. Both kingdoms brought untold death and destruction on one another. When they signed a peace treaty a year later, they bound themselves to peace. Each watches the other with suspicion, unwilling to lower their guard against such a persistent enemy.


Ukhu Amarumaya (Friendly)

Over a very short time, Ukhu Amarumaya has drastically changed its stance on Dischordia. Throughout the early Court of Empires, Ukhu's opinion of Dischordia was quite low. Dischordia had brought war to Ukhu's allies in Aztlan. They harbored King Pascal, a hated enemy. They murdered the brother of Ukhu's King Supay. They placed two Shadow Lords, viewed by the Ukhu kingdom as butchers, as the Voices of Balor. And yet, Dischordians made great efforts to repair that relationship. The Shadow Lords went to great effort to repair a valued Ukhu totem spirit, even dedicating a place of power in its name. And, in the end, King Pascal showed himself to be true to their ideals of balance and sacrifice, putting his kingdom's well-being above his own. Not everyone is pleased with the growing relationship between them. There are those in each kingdom who still harbor hostility.


Vechnyy Uzhas (Neutral)

The relationship between Dischordia and the Vechnyy Uzhas is a complicated one. During the War of Maelstrom's Rebuke, Rasputin slew Aitu, the lord of the Nightmare Lands, and claimed his domain for his own. Some in Dischordia were grateful for the death of the Crimson Weaver, while others desired vengeance for the death of their lord. There are many in Dischordia who seek to destroy Rasputin and Baba Yaga, for a variety of reasons. One of the most prevalent is to reclaim the Nightmare Lands. The Imperials, for their part, desire to keep the lines of diplomacy open. If they can reclaim the Nightmare Lands and bring Rasputin into the fold, it would gain a powerful vassal for Balor. There are some, however, who see conflict as the only inevitable end.