Voice of Balor

Sir Greynald Quick ap Balor

Duties - The Voice of Balor controls the access of the Domains to the Emperor. The Voice moderates the Imperial Court and serves as the Emperor's personal ambassador, representing his interests when the Emperor could not make a personal appearance. He does this through Imperial Court by having representatives of each domain report on the month’s events to the court at large. The post is a prestigious and important office in the Court of Dischordia. As the most powerful political figure in the Empire (with the obvious exception of the Emperor), The Voice helps set the agenda of the Imperial Court. The purpose of The Voice is the peacemaker of the Empire, who maintains a friendly relationship between the Emperor and the common people and insures that the Kingdoms do not fall into civil war. It is The Voice's duty to bring a peaceable solution, rapidly and efficiently, when laws or force of arms failed.

Symbol of Office - Imperial Tessen - Provides the cantrip Sovereign: Protocol, using social traits of the possessor and the Realms Actor 5, Fae 5, Scene 5

Advantage - The Voice gains a Bonus on all Trait categories equal to their Title rank

Obligation (5 pt Flaw) - To be Balor’s Voice at Imperial Court and to guide the court in its matters.

Oath of the Long Road - “I swear that I shall [take upon myself the duty of The Voice of High King Balor], or lose my passion. That I shall (guide the Courts of Dischordia through High King Balor’s will in eternal etiquette) or lay down my mask. That I shall [keep the kingdoms from falling into civil war and the High King one with his ever-changing subjects] or dream no more. You and the dying stars as my witnesses, so mote it be.” Requires the oathtaker to sacrifice their tongue.

King’s Grace - High King Balor can choose not to affect the Voice, or appointed Whispers, with his presence

Whispers - The Voice can name up to two Whispers which can act in his stead if they posses the Imperial Tessen. The Whispers also aid in deciding upon who hosts court for the next month as well as preside over duels and who wishes to go to war or make peace. Once chosen a Whisper cannot be replaced except upon their death or the death/removal of the Voice who chose them. The Whispers spread the word of the Emperor to Dischordia, carrying news, proclamations, laws, and edicts. They must also swear the Oath of the Long Road and gain the Obligation of their station, but the only benefit they receive is the King’s Grace.