Baron Marcus Lilly

Duties - The Praetor is to advise the Emperor in all matters of military conflict, protecting the Emperor from concerns that were beneath him. The Praetor is responsible to gather, train, and maintain an army to protect the Empire from internal and external threats. As well the Praetor acts as the adjudicator of Imperial Law. It is the duty of the Praetor to root out the truth of transgressions against the empire and to bring this truth to the court to pass judgement. The Praetor has access to (but does not command) the Imperial Sanctum and can request aid from the Absence.

Symbol of Office - Mask of Truth - Chronos: Backward Glance using mental traits of the possessor (Actor 5, Fae 5, Scene 5), activate with 1 Glamour, Quintessence, Sekhem (Waka), Gnosis, or 3 blood

Advantage - The Praetor gains a Bonus on all Trait categories equal to their title rank

Obligation (5 pt Flaw) - To protect Dischordia and its subjects from outside threats and to know the truth of internal transgressions to judge with proper passion. To enforce and adjudicate Imperial Law.

Oath of the Long Road - “I swear that I shall [take upon myself the duty of The Praetor of Dischordia], or lose my passion. That I shall (adjudicate Imperial Law and seek the truth in all matters) or lay down my sword. That I shall [advise the High King in all military matters and protect the kingdom from invading forces or internal rebellion] or dream no more. You and the Black Sun as my witnesses, so mote it be.” Requires the oathtaker to sacrifice their eye

King’s Grace - High King Balor can choose not to affect the Praetor, or appointed Quaesitors, with his presence

Quaesitors - The Praetor can name up to two Quaesitors which can act in his stead if they posses the Mirror of Truth. The Quaesitors usually do the grunt work for the Praetor (question suspects, investigate crime scenes, adjudicate lesser disputes, etc.), but are also capable of advising on Imperial Law. Once chosen a Quaesitor cannot be replaced except upon their death or the death/removal of the Praetor who chose them. A Praetor will be judged by the actions of his Quaesitors. They must also swear the Oath of the Long Road and gain the Obligation of their station, but the only benefit they receive is the King’s Grace.