Balor's Jester

High King Jacob “Doc” Accardo Winter MD

Responsible for entertaining High King Balor through the courts. The Jester must find ways to humor the High King, and his humor is dark. This duty can be taken by another though a Duel of Wits before the court or High King.

Granted Abilities:
King’s Grace - High King Balor can choose not to affect this individual with his presence.
King’s Humor - This ability causes a target to burst into fits of hysterical laughter with the expenditure of a Willpower and a successful contested Willpower test vs. each of the subjects the individual wishes to affect in the room. The effects are triggered by any comment made after the ability is performed, which will seem unbelievably funny. The targets may take no action other than defending themselves due to laughing uncontrollably. The effect lasts for one turn.